Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Another runner was born

Another runner was born: this month a new runner was born. I introduce you Gabriele, my 3rd grandson. Of course he will be a runner even if in my secret dreams there is always a rugby field for him and the other 2 kids.

Rugby: but this month is also sad because 2 mates of my old rugby team (see the 1974 photo below, where the B.K. is under the arrow) passed away on the same day. Many players of this team now play in heaven. Ciao Nicola, ciao Augusto!

This is a 2011 rugby reunion photo (from a local magazine) after 60 years of rugby in my city:

Running: I don't follow any fitness program because I am weak again and the arm is painful. It's hard to live with a prosthesis inside a shoulder. Sometimes I walk 1 hour and sometimes I run (2/3 times a week) 5/6 km very very slowly. I cannot do more. The incident was very serious and after 7 months the recover is far again.

Sunday, August 07, 2016

The Real End

The Black Knight is back but only as a blogger and no more as a runner and swimmer. Sorry for the long silence but many things happened keeping me very busy or sad …….

Prologue September- December 2015: I had some little health problems and I was very busy at work, so I didn’t update my blog. This situation influenced my runs, however I entered 6 races only for fun: the choice felt on touristic places with wonderful landscapes to enjoy the atmosphere and to spend a different day with my son and some good friends. Here are the pics of the races where the pace was always a little slower than 5:00/km (between 5:03 and 5:11).

Rural town of Maccarese (Sept. 27):

Rome (Oct 18):

Rome (Nov 1):

Natural reserve La Feniglia (Nov 22):

Canino the olive oil town (Dec 6):

Around the Orbetello lagoon (Dec 13):

The real end: On January 22nd, during a workout, I felt on the ground because I put inadvertently my foot into a packing tape. The result was terrible, I broke the roundabout capsule of my right humerus in 5 parts and the humerus itself in other 2 parts. On January 25th I got a surgery and now I have a prosthesis inside my shoulder/arm (see the pics). I will not recover completely the use of      the shoulder and I must follow a physiotherapy program for not less than one year. The movements are very limited again and I feel pain inside my arm. Of course I cannot swim at all and the only chances are the walks.

I hope that all of you are enjoying this summer break.

Monday, August 31, 2015


August 2015 - This month both the swimming pools have "vacation times" and open in late morning for few hours. For this reason the only possibility is the open sea .... but my wife loves the sand beach and with such depth it is difficult to follow a direction while swimming. I prefer the rocks because the water is cleaner and I can see where I am going. Never mind, less swim more runs.
Stats: Run 150 km (15 workouts) at the pace of 6:00/km (9:40 m). Swim who knows? I think 7/8000 meters in open sea.
Programs: a monthly race but only for fun, to spend a different day in some beautiful town and eat special local food. I could say "running tourism".
Here are 2 photos by night that I have taken this month:

August 1987 - On august 30, 1987 I ran the Vivicittà World, the event that opened that IAAF Championship in Rome. You can imagine the heat: the start was at 10.00 a.m., crowded and all the route under the sun. Because of a mistake of the organization, the 12 km became 13,7 (wrong indications) and they didn't succeed in filling the ranking. I remember how tough it was, the divings into the historical fountains of Rome to refresh the body and the high number of dnf. A nightmare not to forget. My finishing time was 1:02:08 (4:32/km - 7:18/m).
   Have you ever lived a nightmare like that?

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Running Update. I keep on running cautiously every other day with no special works to avoid injures and no long distance runs because of the unusual heat. The pace is quiet (6:00/km) and the workouts are always a little bit more than 10 km. Usually I run from my house to the beach (11 km).
The swimming pools open late so my swims are in open see when possible.
In July I ran 113 km (11 workouts) and swam 11500 meters.

Clandestines. In these latest days I received the visit of 2 gentlemen. The seagull now is the owner/guardian of the garden and the cat, more courageous, found a comfortable accommodation inside my dining room.

Vacation again. Here are other 3 photos of the trip to Valle D'Aosta.

Nice week to everyone or as Jill says: run strong my friends

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

A short vacation in Valle d'Aosta

I just got home after a short vacation (one week) with my wife in Valle d'Aosta (northern Italy). We also did 2 stops at half way in Chiavari (Liguria) before and, on the way back, in Montecatini (Tuscany).
The places are wonderful and we could see, from short distance, the highest mountains of Italy: Monte Bianco and Cervino. I also had the possibility to run twice through the city of Aosta but, both the times, I never met other runners. The workouts were easier because of the perfect temperature and the altitude. Unfortunately I didn't find "normal" swimming pools.

Here are some images of the trip:

1) While feeding a blackbird and a sparrow outside the hotel:

2) The castle and the promenade of Chiavari:

3) A rainbow over Aosta after a rainy storm:

4) The mountains over Courmayeur:

5) The medieval Fenis castle:

6) The Blue Lake near Cervinia:

7) The ancient town of Montecatini:

8) Monte Bianco, the highest mountain of Italy:

9) The Prè St. Didier river:

10) The Cervino mountain over the town of Cervinia:

11) And this is a shame, a slaughter of rock goats in the Sarre Castle (former property of the italian kings until 1946).

Where will you spend your summer vacation?

Sunday, July 26, 2015

S. Marinella Running Trophy

The Race. Last saturday I went to run with Giorgio the S. Marinella Running Trophy, 7.150 km on an impossible path full of uphill (see the elevation chart). 

The evening was hot and humid and we had to race through some crowded streets full of people (there was a fair) and near columns of cars with the engines running. After the 1st km I understood how tough could be to push so I was so wise to take it easy like a normal workout. I made the right decision because many runners "surrendered" and someone needed the ambulance. I remember one of them 1 km far from the finishing line sitting down on the ground with the head between his hands and another one fallen after the end of his run. I don't understand how it is possible to organize such races. Moreover there were not appropriate drinks to recover the lost fluids but only water and, of course, no official photos. This is the only one I have found on a local magazine: 

Never mind, later we enjoyed a good dinner with pizza and coke.
Stats: 128 of 180, finishing time 39:11 (5:29/km - 8:49 m).
I spent all the day after to rest: the morning lazy on the beach, a nap in the afternoon and evening at home. 
Have you ever had similar experience?

Marc Knopfler - 3 days after I went with my wife Daniela to the Marc Knopfler's concert. Two hours of great music!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The visit

Yesterday I received the welcome visit of Marcia and her family: the husband and 2 beautiful girls. They arrived here on board the Emerald Princess, a big cruise ship. We spent a nice day together in Rome where we met Sir Giorgio who planned with me the "touristic tour". Unfortunately our wives could not come with us for last minute problems. 

We visited Piazza del Popolo,  Spanish steps, Trevi fountain, the shop streets (Via del Corso e via Condotti), the Pantheon, Piazza Navona and the Coliseum (see photos below). We had lunch near Campo Marzio, the historical place where Julius Caesar was killed. Thank you Marcia (and family) for your much appreciated visit.