Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Portoroz. Last week I spent 3 days in Portoroz (Slovenia) for a work meeting. Good weather, beautiful place, good food, fruitful meeting. In Portoroz there are a running path that runs along the promenade and many swimming pools. It was very sad not to be able to run/swim.

Injury update. I am following a 10 days therapy and yesterday I got a shot of prednisolone near the damaged tendon. It's a long way.......

Friday, July 04, 2014

When the things go wrong

When the things go wrong. This blog was born as a running blog but, time after time, it has became generic because of all the injures occurred. Since september 2007 I had to fill a long list and now, unfortunately, I am at the "not return point". The 2 fractures on my back and the last one of the shoulder, that has also damaged the tendon, represent the final shot. I thought to have weak bones but the MRI and the x-rays demonstrate that I am "only" unlucky. Last, but not least, my age: in october 58. Now I cannot swim and run for long time because the shoulder hurts (perhaps it needs a surgery to repair the tendon) and I have to rest all summer to recover the complete use of the back. In my future slow running and slow swimming will only be a relaxing hobby when and if possible. At the moment I am under medical control following a 20 days inflammatory cure.
Random news. In this last month I went twice to Brussels (Belgium) for work. Below some photos:

Monday I had lunch in a typical restaurant on the hills around my city where we ate local mushrooms and pasta with black truffles:

My daughter in june collected other 430 euros to buy food for the local dog shelter.

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Bad News

Bad News. If you remember at the end of february, during a workout, I broke my bone collar. I began to run early but, after a wrong movement at home, I felt pain and I didn't succeed in running the Race for the Cure. After the start I had to stop myself. What happened? By a MRI I discovered to have the D7 vertebra fractured too. I am very upset and sad. This is really a year of sh......, a year to forget!!!!
Dire Straits Legend. In the meantime I went to the Dire Straits Legend's concert. 2 and half hours of pure music, a legend! The front man is John Illsley, former Dire Straits bass guitarist (photo Angelo Bonarelli, my concerts mate).

Dog ShelterMy daughter Elisa, loves the animals (indeed I was a very good teacher on this matter) and every month she collects money to feed the dogs of a local shelter.

ViterboLast sunday I went to Viterbo to visit with other friends some Templar places. It was a nice  and interesting day that found the best conclusion in a typical restaurant in the country where we met this "well refined gentleman":

Friday, May 09, 2014


Naples. I spent 3 days in Naples with my wife. Despite the rain we enjoyed the city, visiting many places and walking along the amazing streets. Photos: 1 Sansevero chapel - 2 Naples from Castel S. Elmo - 3 God Nile - 4 My wife Daniela, happy with her new Louis Vuitton bag (my present for our 35th wedding anniversary) - 5 The famous pizza. 

Injury update. The things don't go well but I am on the road again. Short and slow runs but not swimming because my back and the tendon of the broken shoulder hurt. However on May 18th I will run the Race for the Cure with Sir Giorgio.

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Athens (Greece)

Apologizes. First of all I want to apologize for my not blogging and commenting. In this last period I was very busy and upset for the long time I need to recover from my injures. However I think I can run by the next week. Now I am leaving for a short vacation to Naples and when I'm back I will read and comment your blogs.

Athens. I just got home after a FutureMed meeting in Athens. Here are some photos:

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

One day in Rome

Rome. Sunday I spent some hours in Rome with my wife Daniela. I had to go there for a medical check at the broken collar bone (yes, the doctor was so kind to visit me on sunday). The city is always amazing especially in spring: warm and full of colors. We had lunch near Campo Marzio, the place where in 44 d.c. Julius Caesar was killed.  Inside Campo Marzio there is the famous "Cat Shelter". Here you can see Campo Marzio, a well refined gentleman "owner" of the shelter and the pizza that I ate:

After we had a short walk along the Tevere river and through Piazza Navona.

Injury update. I hope to come back to run on april 8th after the last medical check.

How did you spend your Sunday?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Homage and injury update

Thank You. Dear friends, thanks for your kind words on my last post.
The Homage. Joe Bonamassa, just heard about the incident, came to Rome to pay homage to the wounded Black Knight with 3 hours of dedicated concert. The auditorium was sold out because of the Black Knight’s announced presence. Here are some pictures (by my friend Angelo Bonarelli) and the final song “The Ballad of John Henry”:
Injury Update. Yesterday I did a medical check at the hospital. The fracture is healing but for the shoulder joint I need other 15 days of complete rest. I don’t know when I will be able to run and swim.