Thursday, November 17, 2005

After the ordeal

The Civitavecchia Half Marathon is in the past and the final time of 1.42.57 was better than I could hope. After 2 slow relaxing "touristic" runs on monday and wednesday (8.5 km. and 12 km.) on the promenade and the breakwater (see the photo), to recover the tiredness of the race, the tough train is back. Today I pushed for 10.6 km. and for saturday is scheduled a long distance run of about 23 km before the easy hour of sunday. The goal is to train for not less than 250 km. in November and a 10% more in December where I will race in Fiumicino (near the international airport of Rome) to test my speed on a 10 km. I learned that a very good performance is important to run easier and with happyness toward new targets. By the way the forecast "says" that by tomorrow the temperature (today 17° C) will drop of 10° C because cold winds from the Pole are on the way. The heavy running clothes are ready!


  1. Congratulations on finishing your Half Marathon, Black Knight!

    I, too, am a slow runner. But I am a FINISHER. That is what counts.

    Thank you for visiting the Flight 93 blog post.


  2. Thanks for stopping in at my blog! We do indeed have some things in common. During my time in the Navy I was stationed aboard the Nimitz and made quite a few port calls in Naples and also in Northern Italy cant quite recall the town but the US Army has a Camp Darby nearby, think maybe the port was Livorno. Really, really nice place! Did you read about my 3 Day adventures, I did not know that the Komen org. was international, wow!