Saturday, November 05, 2005

The day of the ordeal

The great day is coming. On Nov. 13rd, 10.00 a.m., will start the Civitavecchia Half Marathon with about 1400 runners. This is the first hard event to prepare at the best the Marathon of Rome (March 26, 2006) that I hope to finish under the 4 hours. The next will be 3Comuni Half Marathon (January 29, 2006), Tarquinia Half Marathon (February 12, 2006) and Roma-Ostia Half Marathon (March 5, 2006).
The appropriate training began in october with weekly long distance runs (about 20 km.) and 3 short races:
Oct. 02: Città Di Montalto Km. 7.3 - Final time 33.46 (4.37/km)
Oct. 10: Civitavecchia Memorial Jacoponi Km. 10.6 - Final time 48.50 (4.36/km)
Oct. 23: Civitavecchia S. Liborio Km. 8.3 (hilly) - Final time 37.56 (4.33/km.)
The monthly mileage was in August 162 km, in September only 95 km. because of a terrible flu and in October 211 km., in the first 5 days of November I have already ran 54 km.
The final expected time in Civitavecchia is 1.45
N.B: In the picture you can see a training path on the Civitavecchia promenade


  1. Ciao Stefano, sono Colin (C) - è molto bene il suo blog!

  2. Ciao, Stefano, welcome to the CompleteRunning family! I read you have a half-marathon coming up, good luck to you! I can't wait to hear how you do. I ran my first half-marathon in July, 2004 and my first marathon this year. I have a half-marathon coming up on December 3rd.

  3. Thanks to Colin for the nice comment, I wonder where he learned such good italian!

    And thanks to Jack for the welcome. I think your final times are very very good for a first half marathon and a first marathon. Now you have the appropriate experience to improve. I look forward to know about your next half marathon to celebrate the new record!

  4. Hello Stefano-I second Jack's welcome. I am in a resting mode as I heal from my half-marathon. I hope to be back out there soon. Good luck with your upcoming races.Keep us posted:)