Sunday, November 20, 2005

The pictures of the Ordeal

At last I can show some pictures of the Civitavecchia Half Marathon, at the 18° km
and few metres before the arrival:
This is a period of hard training because I will have to drop my mileage during the week I will spend in Amsterdam for work (Nov.25th - Dec. 1st). Will I find a treadmill in the hotel, will I be able to run on the streets of Amsterdam? Well, the decision was to put on km before the departure so until today I have ran, in November 170 km., and yesterday I made a long distance training only 6 days after the "ordeal". Many races are on the way and the Marathon of Rome is waiting!!!


  1. You can probably run in Amsterdam...just watch out for the bicycles :-O and tourists :-D

    I like the way the Finish of the race is called the Arrival in your translation! It sounds so encouraging!

  2. Nice photos - but you're striking the ground with your heel ;-)
    Running in Amsterdam should not be a problem.