Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Run man run

After a day of rest, this afternoon at 02.00 p.m. during the work-pause I ran a 12 k loop from my house to the Riva di Traiano marina (see the photo) and back again. Strong wind, only 6 C° and many uphills made this training a challenge. The final time was 1.00 but I didn't want to push more in such weather conditions. Tomorrow another day of rest and after a couple of tough days: the program is thursday a 10.6 km tempo-run with my usual run-mate and friday 14/15 slow km before catching the flight to Amsterdam. I am lucky, in the hotel there is the gym with the treadmill so I will be able not to stop the training.


  1. That is an interesting picture of the marina. Did you take the photo, or is it from a satellite? Congratulations on your recent half.

  2. Yes it is a photo from a satellite. Thank you for the comment