Tuesday, December 13, 2005

After the 10k (6.2 mi)

I feel weak and tired but I was well trained. Something went wrong since the night before the race because I had to take a pill for a bad headache. The morning of the race was cold and windy and the loop not easy: in the pics (I am not among those runners) there are a couple of examples. I spent the sunday resting; on monday I didn't succeed in running, I had a long nap in the afternoon and a long sleep in the night (o9.30 p.m. - o8.30 a.m.). Today I finished 10.6 km (6,58 mi) in 1h 04', a distance that I usually cover in 52' minutes in total relax!!!! Now I cannot follow my program and I have to drop the mileage and the speed. What happened? Perhaps a week of "rest" will not be a real trouble. By the way, the Deep Purple will be in Rome on March 14, 2006 and I have 2 tickets!!!!!

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