Sunday, December 11, 2005

Fiumicino 10k (6.2 m)

Another step to the Rome Marathon. The Fiumicino 10k was a good test in a cold (1°C) and windy morning. The final time was 44'55" (4'30"/km - 7.14/m), the rank 752° on 1707 and 141° on 271 in my age group. I don't complain, the under 45 minutes is however a goal of mine.
This 10k is a flat loop in the city of Fiumicino through many narrow streets crowded of runners and, what a wonderful idea (???), we have to cross 2 bridges where only 2 persons can run shoulder to shoulder!!!
I made the mistake to run too fast the first 2 km so I had problems during the second part of the race. I usually have a negative split but this time the second 5k were slower(22'41") than the first ones (22'14"). These are the splits: km 01: 4'21" - km 02: 4'19" - km 03: 4'32" - km 04: 4'23" - km 05: 4.39 (first bridge) - km 06: 4.37 (second bridge) - km 07: 4.28 (here began the crises that didn't permit the negative split) - km 08: 4.28 - km 09: 4.33 - km 10: 4.35.


  1. Nice job! Those are pretty even splits. I am much more erratic with my splits usually.

  2. Congrats on reaching your goal!! Rome here you come!!

  3. What's Fiumicino? Sounds like your cussing! ha.


  4. You are MUCH faster than I am! I did 10K this morning in about 1:03 (I was taking photographs of the race start, and forgot to start my watch. So no split times!)

    It was a good run, in a park outside of Washington, DC. The race fee was FREE if you brought a loaf of bread, so I baked gingerbread last night, and used that for my race entry. :-)

  5. Yes Tammy, you are right, Fiumicino is another race where it is better not to push. It could be a relaxing touristic 10k because there are not the conditions to push: too many runners in such a short distance, many narrows streets, many turns, 2 bridges with the queu to pass and long time before becoming to run after the start!

  6. Awesome! I don't think there's a problem with your splits! Just keep doing what you're doing. :)