Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Better late than never

On November 13rd, 2005 the Black Knight Army, italian legion, fought the Civitavecchia Half Marathon Battle but, at that time, we could not show the images because too bloody, with many wounded and dead enemies. Now we think that, only for journalistic purposes and for adult bloggers, we have to divulge those terrible pictures.

The Black Knight (1126) and Sir giorgio (1125) ride to the victory. On the background many defeated and scared enemies:

The Black Knight pursues 2 scared enemies who will be executed the day after by Sir iliketoast, the clever executioner of the glorious and invincible Army:
The Black Knight in parade under the Arc of Triumph with the usual many defeated enemies on the background:

Sunday, January 29, 2006

The loot (3 Comuni report)

The Black Knight Army arrived to the 3Comuni battlefield (23.6 km./14 m) very angry as usual, because the Enemies seem to forget they must not piss off the glorius Legion. After a short siege the battle ended and here are the pictures of Castel S.Elia, Civitacastellana and Nepi after the ordeal.
The report:
The race was very tough with uphills and downhills under a heavy rain until half way; at the 17° km (10,5 m) a terrible heartbreak hill 1600 metres long (almost 1 mile) and after, until the arrival, other less difficult long uphills . Because of the crowd (about 1600 runners), to run the first mile was hard. The landscape is wonderful: green country, farmers and medieval cities with monuments and castles. The Black Knight and Sir giorgio passed through 3 historical centres full of cheering people and open markets. Final time 1.52.49 (pace 4.59/km. - 8.01/m). The split km. by km.: 5.oo, 4.42, 5.00, 4.36, 4.57, 5.00, 4.59, 4.35, 5.02, 4.52, 4.47, 4.52, 4.50, 4.24, 4.35, 4.45, 6.30, 5.34, 5.15, 5.12, 5.07, 5.13 and the last 600 mt. in 3.02. Only for the statistics the time at the half marathon mark was 1.45.15.
The loot of war

Important news:
The Black Committee is glad to announce that the Black Knight Army has a new clever scout: he is Mr. Rowdy, the Susan's dog.
Official data:
Stefano = 1.53.21 (chip time 1.52.49) - 795°/1417 runners - 105°/209 age group (M50)
Giorgio = 1.54.00 (chip time 1.53.28) - 814°/1417 runners - 164°/256 age group (M45) Congratulations to sir Giorgio because he is not following a long distance program.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

The next battle

Despite the bad weather and the usual tricks of the cruel Garmin, the Black Knight goes on with the scheduled program until the final triumph of Rome. This is a tapering week after the tough one: Monday 14 km. (8.7 m) tempo run, Wednesday 12 km (7.4 m) and tomorrow is scheduled a relaxing slow 10 km (6.2 m).
But on Sunday the battlefield is waiting for the glorious Black Knight Army for a terrible fight: thousands of barbarian enemies will try to defeat Sir Stefano and Sir Giorgio unaware of the danger they run. We cannot be merciful because we told them in advance not to piss off the Black Knight but they seem to be deaf. What can we do? Well, it will be a 22.6 km (14 m) race named 3 Comuni (3 towns) because we will run throught 3 different cities: Civitacastellana (3rd photo), Nepi (1st photo) and Castel S.Elia (2nd photo); everyone on its own hill and (really!!) its castle. The Black Knight Army, Italian legion, cannot wait to storm and sack the 3 castles.
The Garmin: after the adjustments the error is between the 0,44% and the 1,3% but I need more tests.
Ciao, see you soon.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Dog Attack

Another week has gone and the Black Knight succeeded in following the scheduled program to the big event of the Marathon of Rome despite the Garmin tricks and another dog attack: Monday 13.1 km (8.1 m); Wednesday 17 km (10,5 m); Thursday 10 km (6.2 m) and Saturday 27.7 km (17.2 m).
On Saturday, while running with Sir giorgio, 3 dogs attacked the invincible italian Legion near the sea. The coward defeated enemy Army is scared of fighting against the Black Army so they try to hit the glorious Black Warriors by monsters, ghosts and....dogs. Poor dogs they immediately ran away when listened the angry yell: don't piss off the Black Knight!!! The report of this battle is also on the Sir giorgio's blog.
Garmin news: the Black Knight after a self-psichological-training to stay quit and not to kill too many (perhaps) innocent persons called the wizard who builds the terrible weapon. He said: "sir, please, if you don't kill me I tell you the secret. You have to update the software by www.garmin.com and you have to adjust the Pace smoothing". Now I have a question for the blogger friends: in your opinion, is more accurate for our purposes "most", "more", "less" or "least"?
Black Knight Army breaking news: Sir runr53 joined the glorious Army as Master at Arms. We are every day stronger!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The anger of the Black Knight

This afternoon the Black Knight, anger as a drunk gorilla, tested again that stupid Garmin. He decided to split the scheduled 17 km (10,5 m) in 2 different parts: a lap of 10.6 km (6.6 m) + 6.4 km. (3.9 m). The lap of 10.6 km is measured accurately for this reason is perfect for a test:
- at the 5 km (3.1 m) the Garmin said: km. 6 (3.7 m)!
- at the 10.6 km (6.6 m) the Garmin said: km. 11.5 (7.1 m)!
- consequently for the difference of 5.6 km (10.6 - 5) the Garmin said: km. 5!
It means 20% of error on the first 5 km (3.1 m); 12% of error on the second 5.6 km and 8,5% of error on the total lap of 10,6 km (6.6 m). I think that in these conditions the Garmin is pointless because I can be more accurate, knowing my pace, only checking the clock!
By the way I was tagged again (3rd time) by the new enlisted Sir runr53, appointed as Master at Arms. Now here are the answers to the questions:
1) What were you doing 10 years ago?
I worked at the Harbour Master Department Coast Guard and I was in the Navy cross athletic team.
2) 5 snacks you enjoy?
Only 2: Kinder cereals and Bounty (italian items).
3) 5 songs you know all the words to?
Only 2: More than this (Bryan Ferry) and One step beyond (because the only words are “one step beyond”!)
4) 5 things I’d do as a millionaire?
Only 3: A meeting with all the friends of the Black Knight Army; a suit to the Garmin Company; my retirement.
5) 5 things you like doing?
Censored; Enjoying my family; Running; Resting; Swimming in open sea.
6) 5 favorite toys?
Computer, Nano, Treadmill, ....is my wife a toy?
This time the infected are Lady Anne, DGC, Sir iliketoast, Hilda and Lady Elizabeth.

Monday, January 16, 2006

The weapon, the Army, the triumph

The Black Knight in a moment of nobility promulgated an edict to warn the runners not to run through his County because he had to test the new terrible weapon! Nobody left home so the glorious Legion (the Black Knight and Sir giorgio) tested the Garmin but they had some doubts and for this reason they need the help of the other invincible Legions to know their opinions.
1) The distances measured by the car and the Garmin are different. Only a bit, so we are not very disappointed;
2) The pace is far from the reality! The Garmin "told me": "Sir you are running at 07'30"/km (12'/m) impossible"!!!!! In my life I never ran slower than 6'06"/km (9.8/m). On a downhill I pushed and the Garmin said: "Sir, I beg your pardon but I am afraid you are running at 5'42"/km (9.1/m)"; crazy!!! At the end of a fast 10 km (6.2 m) the Garmin sentence was 5'24"/km (8.7/m): is this my (negative) PR on a 10 km???
By the way:
- Saturday 25.41 km (15.8 m) - Garmin opinion - in 2h 20' 40" in spite of a dogs attack against sir Giorgio who ran with me for 20 km (12.4 m);
- Today 10 km at 5'24"/km (8.7/m) - Garmin opinion - plus 3.1 km (1.9 m) on the treadmill.
Could this be a trick of the coward enemies? If so the clever executioner Sir iliketoast will be very busy in the next future.
The Army grows, new invincible heroes joined the Black Legions. This is the complete present crew:
1) Her Majesty Lora : Princess
2) Lady Tammy :Amazon
3) Lady Anne: Defensive strategist
4) Lady jeanne: Sorcerer and Wizard
5) Sir iliketoast: Clever executioner
6) Sir Flatman: Jester
7) Sir giorgio : Knight
8) Lady Elizabeth: Amazon
9) Lady Reen: Cheerleader (waiting for a better job).
We are again waiting for further appreciated recruitments.
Last but not least the great triumph of the USA Black Knight Legion where in Arizona Lady Tammy destroyed the barbarian troops in the marathon and Lady Elizabeth executed the cruel horde in the half marathon and so did Lady Anne in Carlsbad: a lesson for the future. Don't piss off the Black Knight!

Friday, January 13, 2006

The terrible weapon

The Black Knight, while running with Sir giorgio under a dark sky in a black night, decided that the Italian Legion needs the terrible weapon by which the USA and Australian legions scared and defeated the barbarian enemy troops. Immediately some runners threatened to involve in the question the ONU, the Pope and the Salvation Army but the fearless Black Knight put under siege the International Association of Athletics Federation so those cowards had to renounce their claim to the 3 authorities.
It means that by tomorrow I will use my new Garmin that I have bought this morning. It will be very helpful for the training for the Rome marathon.
I am following with some little difference the scheduled program, in fact:
Monday 09: 12.1 km. (7.5 m) fartlek (hilly), with sir giorgio;
Wednesday 11: 10.7 km. (6.6 m) tempo run (hilly);
Thursday 12: 10.2 km. (6.3 m) recovery run with sir giorgio (panoramic tour of the port and the breakwater)
Tuesday (10) and today (13): rest
Saturday 14: scheduled 25 km. (15.5 m) and testing the Garmin (I can't wait)
Sunday 15:scheduled10 km. (6.2 m) recovery run.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Mail from Sir Mark Iliketoast

I received a mail from Sir Mark iliketoast Black Knight of Queensland and by April 9th, Duke of Canberra, clever executioner of our glorious and invincible Army. I would like to share with you this mail because it explains very well our spirit. In the meantime, the Seattle Legion lead by Tammy, is ready to conquer the Arizona Republica showing to the scared enemy our black flags.
This is the mail:
The Black Knight Marathon Battle Strategy
(Referring to my last far Marathon):
During the war of Rome, some 15 years past, the battle drew to an end and much blood had been spilled. The following secret plans were discovered in the dying hands of the old marathon veteran named Marcus the Mentor. After lying dormant all this time, the Black Knights have seized upon this strategy and will be using it to conquer the marathons across many lands around the globe. Hoorah, the Black Knight ride!
(Referring to the Canberra Marathon where Sir Mark iliketoast Black Knight of Queensland will destroy every runner who will cross his victorius road):
The Black Knight leads the Executioner by a full 7 days. Rome will be the first phase of the attack lead by the Black Knight himself. After the fall of Rome, the next city to feeling the wrath of the Black Knights will be the national capital of Australia, Canberra. For this Executioner has unveiled this battle plan (that you can see in his blog iliketoast).

Monday, January 09, 2006

Tagged again

I thought I was immune because I got the antibodies after the past epidemic but I was wrong, lady jeanne tagged me again. Now I have to infect other innocent friends but what can I do? This time the virus is very strong as you can see.
Fasten seat belt and let's go!!!!!!
1) 4 jobs you've had in your life:
I am sorry but I have only got 3 jobs in my life:
- Teacher of accountancy;
- 20 years in the Coast Guard (good period and good friends, I miss the Corp);
- The present job in the Port Authority (interesting subject).
2) 4 movies you could watch over and over:
- Amici miei (My friends) an italian comic movie where 4 elder friends spend their lives joking;
- Green Berets;
- Braveheart;
- Woman in red.
3) 4 places you've lived:
- My home town Civitavecchia;
- La Maddalena (see picture) and Taranto where I spent some months in the Naval Bases.
4) 4 tv shows you love to watch:
5) 4 places you've been on vacation:
Too many:
- UK (Scotland and England);
- USA (California, Nevada, Washington dc, Virginia, Chicago, N.Y.);
- Spain (Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid);
- The Netherlands (everywhere) and many others.
6) 4 web-sites you visit daily:
- My friends' blogs;
7) 4 of your favourite foods:
- Steak;
- Vegetables;
- Pasta (fuel to run);
- Chocolate.
8) 4 places you'd rather be:
- Home sweet home but, for short periods:
- Scotland;
- California;
- Valencia or Sevilla.
9) 4 albums you can't live without:
- The best of Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music;
- The very best of Deep Purple;
- Mark Knopfler live in Rome;
- Pink Floyd - The dark side of the moon.
10) 4 vehicles I've owned:
- Used Fiat 127 when I was so young and poor;
- Fiat Regata 1600 when I was so stupid to buy it;
- Citroen GSA X3;
- The present Ford Escort 1.6 SW
Are a vehicle the Nike Elite Classic?
Well, now I have to tag some friends, I see the terror in your eyes........mmm let me think:
- Lady Tammy because she is in "tapering mode" so has all the time to write such long story;
- My friend susie because she infected me the first time (ahhh what a nice revenge!);
- Lady Reen because she is almost a newcomer and needs an encouragement;
- The lazy sir giorgio so, at last, he learns to post a comment.
I beg the pardon of the infected friends but they must not xxxx xxx the Black Knight!!!!!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Army

In this cruel moment of our century, full of pitiless enemies where the evil rules, only the Black Knight Army can save the running world.

Ingenuos persons think to defeat the glorious Legion everywhere but they don’t know that when we have a number on our black armour we are angry and invincible. Never piss off the Black Knight.

Clever heroes and running fighters understood the importance of this ultimate mission and asked to join the Army for our freedom.

The Black Committe, after long and bloody discussions on their requests, decided to admit to the glory with all the honours the following warriors

1) Her Majesty Lora : Princess

2) Lady Tammy :Amazon

3) Lady Anne: Defensive strategist

4) Lady jeanne: Sorcerer and Wizard

5) Sir iliketoast: Clever executioner

6) Sir Flatman: Jester

7) Sir giorgio : Knight

Not admitted the White Knight and his coward generation. We are waiting for further much appreciated recruitments.

After these important news some data about the weekly training. Last Monday began the countdown for the Marathon so I started to follow the 12 weeks program to run the 42,197 km. under the 4 hours. Shortly this is the schedule for the next week:

Monday, wednesday and saturday: rest

Tuesday 14km (8.7 m); thursday 10 km (6.2 m); friday 11 km (6.8 m) and sunday 25 km (15.5 m).

In the current week I ran:

- monday: 12.6 km (7.8 m): 10,6 km tempo run and 2 km on the treadmill;

- tuesday: 11.5 km (7.1 m): fartlek with Sir Giorgio;

- wednesday: 9.4 km (5.8 m) of recovery run on the treadmill;

- today: rest;

- saturday: 23 km (14.2 m) scheduled

- sunday: recovery run.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

2005 on the battlefield

The 2005 has gone and this is the moment to weigh up successes and failures of one year of running.
I have been running by september 1985 when my weight was 27 lbs more. I logged every workout until december 1999 when I was very upset for many health problems that began with 5 collapses during normal tranings (1 in 1994, 1 in 1996 and 3 in 1997). Nobody succeeded in finding the cause in spite of all the texts and the exams. At that time I was a member of the Navy cross team.
Step by step I came back on the road, training and racing as I could, slowly and careful. At last on April 2005 I gained self-confidence and I started again to log everything and be more competitive. Thanks to the Black Knight Running Team, an unofficial group of crazy friends I use run with when possible, mainly during summer vacation: (in alphabetical order) Alessandro (from Rome), Gianni (from Rome), Giorgio (from Naples usual mate of runs) and Piergiuseppe (from Civitavecchia, friend by the elementary school time). And now thanks also to the Blogger-friends who give me a reason more to be competitive.
The 2005 data.
a) Mileage (apr/dec-9 months): 1.081 m -1.740,3 km
Notes: In 9 months I ran more miles than in the whole year of the latest ones.
- 1994: 1139,6 km. (707,8 m)
- 1995: 1213,8 km. (753,9 m)
- 1996: 1744,1 km. (1083,3 m)
- 1997: 1387,6 km. (861,8 m)
- 1998: 1174,4 km. (729,4 m)
- 1999: 1383,0 km. (859,0 m)
- January 2000/March 2005: No more logging (too upset to do it!)
b) Races: n° 14
- n°2 half marathons: 1.48.31 and 1.42.57
- n° 2 10 km. (6.2m): 45.08 and 44.55
- n° 3 5 km. (3.1m): 22.16, 22.55 (hilly) and 23.00 (cross)
- other 6 races in not classical distances with a very good performance in a terrible hilly km.8.3 (5.1 m) where I was the 4th in my age group in 37.56
- one race abroad on february, in Edinburgh (Scotland) the day after the rugby match Scotland-Italy. It was a nightmare because I had an intestinal fever the night before and I ran without the winter clothes because my son left me alone 5 minutes before the start and I didn’t succeed in finding him. However it was a hilly and ici run a little longer than 10 miles that I finished in 1.21.08 (the picture was taken during the race and you can see how cold and hilly it was).