Sunday, January 01, 2006

2005 on the battlefield

The 2005 has gone and this is the moment to weigh up successes and failures of one year of running.
I have been running by september 1985 when my weight was 27 lbs more. I logged every workout until december 1999 when I was very upset for many health problems that began with 5 collapses during normal tranings (1 in 1994, 1 in 1996 and 3 in 1997). Nobody succeeded in finding the cause in spite of all the texts and the exams. At that time I was a member of the Navy cross team.
Step by step I came back on the road, training and racing as I could, slowly and careful. At last on April 2005 I gained self-confidence and I started again to log everything and be more competitive. Thanks to the Black Knight Running Team, an unofficial group of crazy friends I use run with when possible, mainly during summer vacation: (in alphabetical order) Alessandro (from Rome), Gianni (from Rome), Giorgio (from Naples usual mate of runs) and Piergiuseppe (from Civitavecchia, friend by the elementary school time). And now thanks also to the Blogger-friends who give me a reason more to be competitive.
The 2005 data.
a) Mileage (apr/dec-9 months): 1.081 m -1.740,3 km
Notes: In 9 months I ran more miles than in the whole year of the latest ones.
- 1994: 1139,6 km. (707,8 m)
- 1995: 1213,8 km. (753,9 m)
- 1996: 1744,1 km. (1083,3 m)
- 1997: 1387,6 km. (861,8 m)
- 1998: 1174,4 km. (729,4 m)
- 1999: 1383,0 km. (859,0 m)
- January 2000/March 2005: No more logging (too upset to do it!)
b) Races: n° 14
- n°2 half marathons: 1.48.31 and 1.42.57
- n° 2 10 km. (6.2m): 45.08 and 44.55
- n° 3 5 km. (3.1m): 22.16, 22.55 (hilly) and 23.00 (cross)
- other 6 races in not classical distances with a very good performance in a terrible hilly km.8.3 (5.1 m) where I was the 4th in my age group in 37.56
- one race abroad on february, in Edinburgh (Scotland) the day after the rugby match Scotland-Italy. It was a nightmare because I had an intestinal fever the night before and I ran without the winter clothes because my son left me alone 5 minutes before the start and I didn’t succeed in finding him. However it was a hilly and ici run a little longer than 10 miles that I finished in 1.21.08 (the picture was taken during the race and you can see how cold and hilly it was).


  1. Wow, what a history of running! You have been through a lot, considering those collapses. Did they ever find out what was wrong??
    Anyway, now I know why you are so fast! All those years of practice!
    A beautiful photo, but that must have been one COLD run!

  2. What a gorgeous photo... !! Looks like it should be published in National Geographic. :)

    Glad to hear you are doing well now. I feel your pain on the doctor-front. No matter what problem I have, they just take my money and say they don't know what's wrong... either that, or they tell me it's something that it's not. I think we have more power to heal ourselves than any doctor will ever have... keep running strong Black Knight!

    Happy New Year!!!

  3. You had a great year. I hope you have an even better one in 2006.

  4. You ran THERE???


    You must have the balance and footing of a mountain goat!

    Great year, and all my best for 2006!

  5. Only a brave and hardy soul would run in those conditions ...... or perhaps a goat!

  6. The Black Knight Running Team sounds like a great group. Happy New Year! Hope it's a wonderful one for you...

  7. That's a great set of mileage there for Black Knight! Wish you great ones in 2006!

  8. Looks like you had a great year. I hope, 2006 will be even better, especially the Rome marathon!

  9. Thanks to the black knight friends and happy new year.

  10. Beautiful photo!