Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The anger of the Black Knight

This afternoon the Black Knight, anger as a drunk gorilla, tested again that stupid Garmin. He decided to split the scheduled 17 km (10,5 m) in 2 different parts: a lap of 10.6 km (6.6 m) + 6.4 km. (3.9 m). The lap of 10.6 km is measured accurately for this reason is perfect for a test:
- at the 5 km (3.1 m) the Garmin said: km. 6 (3.7 m)!
- at the 10.6 km (6.6 m) the Garmin said: km. 11.5 (7.1 m)!
- consequently for the difference of 5.6 km (10.6 - 5) the Garmin said: km. 5!
It means 20% of error on the first 5 km (3.1 m); 12% of error on the second 5.6 km and 8,5% of error on the total lap of 10,6 km (6.6 m). I think that in these conditions the Garmin is pointless because I can be more accurate, knowing my pace, only checking the clock!
By the way I was tagged again (3rd time) by the new enlisted Sir runr53, appointed as Master at Arms. Now here are the answers to the questions:
1) What were you doing 10 years ago?
I worked at the Harbour Master Department Coast Guard and I was in the Navy cross athletic team.
2) 5 snacks you enjoy?
Only 2: Kinder cereals and Bounty (italian items).
3) 5 songs you know all the words to?
Only 2: More than this (Bryan Ferry) and One step beyond (because the only words are “one step beyond”!)
4) 5 things I’d do as a millionaire?
Only 3: A meeting with all the friends of the Black Knight Army; a suit to the Garmin Company; my retirement.
5) 5 things you like doing?
Censored; Enjoying my family; Running; Resting; Swimming in open sea.
6) 5 favorite toys?
Computer, Nano, Treadmill, my wife a toy?
This time the infected are Lady Anne, DGC, Sir iliketoast, Hilda and Lady Elizabeth.


  1. Don't tell me my Garmin's wrong!!! Hey, I like the idea of a Black Knight Army meetup, if I can be there, too:)

  2. Oh no! I've heard of trouble like this with the Garmin! Do say that it's a fluke, I was hoping to get one.

  3. I suspect foul play ... first my Ipod mysteriously flickers out ... now this ....

    There were many dark clouds on todays run (by the way, thanks for your help over the first tempo ... now you might have no idea what I am talking about but as I headed out I was not feeling like the run .... i thought to myself ... i need to work hard, find my inner action hero, and honour the ways of the back knights ... so my first 3K were done in 12:01 and for this I thank you for your support) .... but as I was saying my garmin was not seeing the satellites because of these clouds.

    I also note that I have under SETTINGS/SET UNITS/PACE SMOOTHING i have selected MORE

  4. Even while it is not accurate, Garmin-Garmina is still a nice toy!
    What are you planning to do with it now??

  5. I wonder if other people have troubel with their Garmin or perhaps you have a defective one. Did you try talking with the store where you bought it or with Garmin directly? Don't forget to tell them that they can't mess around with the Black Knight and get away with it ;-)

  6. Death to the Garmin! He is a deceiver!

  7. AHHH. I'm hiding Garmina, you are hurting her feelings. She's fragile you know.

  8. 1. what is a garmin?
    2. american pizza doesn't come close italian pizza....oh what i wouldn't give for a margherita napolitan! i make a pretty good foccacia style potatoe pizza. the pizza i referred to in my post was some nasty heat and eat variety...fa sciffo!!!

  9. hey i signed off wrong, the above post is from me.

  10. You just let me know when you want me to get out the mace ( baseball bat ) and go make Garmin comply with your wishes, Sir!

  11. Look, today I realized that the actual pace is not easy to record for Garmin Garmina, but at the end is not that bad... don't get angry Sir!! And don't throw it away.

  12. Don't you see?
    They don't think their garmin's wrong.

  13. what is bounty? and kinder? like the kinder chocolate?