Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Army

In this cruel moment of our century, full of pitiless enemies where the evil rules, only the Black Knight Army can save the running world.

Ingenuos persons think to defeat the glorious Legion everywhere but they don’t know that when we have a number on our black armour we are angry and invincible. Never piss off the Black Knight.

Clever heroes and running fighters understood the importance of this ultimate mission and asked to join the Army for our freedom.

The Black Committe, after long and bloody discussions on their requests, decided to admit to the glory with all the honours the following warriors

1) Her Majesty Lora : Princess

2) Lady Tammy :Amazon

3) Lady Anne: Defensive strategist

4) Lady jeanne: Sorcerer and Wizard

5) Sir iliketoast: Clever executioner

6) Sir Flatman: Jester

7) Sir giorgio : Knight

Not admitted the White Knight and his coward generation. We are waiting for further much appreciated recruitments.

After these important news some data about the weekly training. Last Monday began the countdown for the Marathon so I started to follow the 12 weeks program to run the 42,197 km. under the 4 hours. Shortly this is the schedule for the next week:

Monday, wednesday and saturday: rest

Tuesday 14km (8.7 m); thursday 10 km (6.2 m); friday 11 km (6.8 m) and sunday 25 km (15.5 m).

In the current week I ran:

- monday: 12.6 km (7.8 m): 10,6 km tempo run and 2 km on the treadmill;

- tuesday: 11.5 km (7.1 m): fartlek with Sir Giorgio;

- wednesday: 9.4 km (5.8 m) of recovery run on the treadmill;

- today: rest;

- saturday: 23 km (14.2 m) scheduled

- sunday: recovery run.


  1. Dude, don't call me makes me feel old!!! :)

  2. And where are you in the Black Knight hierarchy?

  3. Thomas, I am the wise founder and the ultimate Black warrior

  4. heee - funny post.

    Good luck with the marathon training.

  5. Glad someone else is trying to break the 4-hour barrier at the next marathon. I'll have to come up with a good strategy!

  6. Gosh...I didnt know I could ride a horse. Are there any duathlons with running/horsebackriding???

    Great job with your runs. You're gonna kick some butt out there!

  7. The army looks fierce. Good luck with the training.

  8. I am proud to be a member of the Black Knight Army. I will call upon the support of my fellows one week from Sunday, henceforth.

  9. Tee hee, nice training now!

  10. OK - I would like to enlist in the army of the Black Knight! I'm not sure what my title/role should be. Since I'm sidelined right now perhaps I should be the cheerleader!

  11. Buon Anno Stefano! Looks like your training in right on track, excellant!!!

  12. Ah ha ... I executed a monster hill of the "Yarr Pirates" on Saturday is a most clever manner.

    Now I have my trusty battle plan it time to ride on to more conquests this week.

    Away Sir Knight, lets ride!

  13. Reen, even if you like to be a cheerleader we are waitig for giving you the title of Lady Reen the Amazon.

    Sir Ilikethetoast we are proud of you for the total defeat of the terrible monster. Let's ride until the final victory

  14. You've got a regular movie set going here, black knight.

  15. Hey, I like the sound of Lady Jeanne! Does money come with that title? Well i guess i can sorcer some up! I will cast a spell to make you victorious for sub-4 marathon!

    Meanwhile, don't forget, you've been TAGGED, and you have to answer all the questions I answered!

  16. Lady Jeanne, money come from the raids and the pillages after our victories upon the cruel enemies who risk to challenge the glorious Black Knight Army.