Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Mail from Sir Mark Iliketoast

I received a mail from Sir Mark iliketoast Black Knight of Queensland and by April 9th, Duke of Canberra, clever executioner of our glorious and invincible Army. I would like to share with you this mail because it explains very well our spirit. In the meantime, the Seattle Legion lead by Tammy, is ready to conquer the Arizona Republica showing to the scared enemy our black flags.
This is the mail:
The Black Knight Marathon Battle Strategy
(Referring to my last far Marathon):
During the war of Rome, some 15 years past, the battle drew to an end and much blood had been spilled. The following secret plans were discovered in the dying hands of the old marathon veteran named Marcus the Mentor. After lying dormant all this time, the Black Knights have seized upon this strategy and will be using it to conquer the marathons across many lands around the globe. Hoorah, the Black Knight ride!
(Referring to the Canberra Marathon where Sir Mark iliketoast Black Knight of Queensland will destroy every runner who will cross his victorius road):
The Black Knight leads the Executioner by a full 7 days. Rome will be the first phase of the attack lead by the Black Knight himself. After the fall of Rome, the next city to feeling the wrath of the Black Knights will be the national capital of Australia, Canberra. For this Executioner has unveiled this battle plan (that you can see in his blog iliketoast).


  1. Wow, interesting!
    Yay, PF Chang marathon festivities are this weekend in AZ.

  2. Is it coincidence that the Amazing Amazon Tammy completes her first marathon at the start of our programs ... or that Rome and Canberra allow us to run and train together ......

  3. That's some strategy. Good luck.

  4. *screaming battle cry*!!!

    I will destroy all those who dare to inpede my conquering of the Republic of Arizona! All will bow before the mighty forces of The Black Knight Army! Whooooahhh!

  5. Let the conquering begin!

  6. Hi Stephano!

    Nice way to see the race!!
    Such and adventure!