Monday, January 09, 2006

Tagged again

I thought I was immune because I got the antibodies after the past epidemic but I was wrong, lady jeanne tagged me again. Now I have to infect other innocent friends but what can I do? This time the virus is very strong as you can see.
Fasten seat belt and let's go!!!!!!
1) 4 jobs you've had in your life:
I am sorry but I have only got 3 jobs in my life:
- Teacher of accountancy;
- 20 years in the Coast Guard (good period and good friends, I miss the Corp);
- The present job in the Port Authority (interesting subject).
2) 4 movies you could watch over and over:
- Amici miei (My friends) an italian comic movie where 4 elder friends spend their lives joking;
- Green Berets;
- Braveheart;
- Woman in red.
3) 4 places you've lived:
- My home town Civitavecchia;
- La Maddalena (see picture) and Taranto where I spent some months in the Naval Bases.
4) 4 tv shows you love to watch:
5) 4 places you've been on vacation:
Too many:
- UK (Scotland and England);
- USA (California, Nevada, Washington dc, Virginia, Chicago, N.Y.);
- Spain (Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid);
- The Netherlands (everywhere) and many others.
6) 4 web-sites you visit daily:
- My friends' blogs;
7) 4 of your favourite foods:
- Steak;
- Vegetables;
- Pasta (fuel to run);
- Chocolate.
8) 4 places you'd rather be:
- Home sweet home but, for short periods:
- Scotland;
- California;
- Valencia or Sevilla.
9) 4 albums you can't live without:
- The best of Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music;
- The very best of Deep Purple;
- Mark Knopfler live in Rome;
- Pink Floyd - The dark side of the moon.
10) 4 vehicles I've owned:
- Used Fiat 127 when I was so young and poor;
- Fiat Regata 1600 when I was so stupid to buy it;
- Citroen GSA X3;
- The present Ford Escort 1.6 SW
Are a vehicle the Nike Elite Classic?
Well, now I have to tag some friends, I see the terror in your eyes........mmm let me think:
- Lady Tammy because she is in "tapering mode" so has all the time to write such long story;
- My friend susie because she infected me the first time (ahhh what a nice revenge!);
- Lady Reen because she is almost a newcomer and needs an encouragement;
- The lazy sir giorgio so, at last, he learns to post a comment.
I beg the pardon of the infected friends but they must not xxxx xxx the Black Knight!!!!!


  1. I like some of your answers, especially when it comes to music. Dark Side of the Moon was the second album -- yes, vinyl -- I bought when I was a teenager. It still remains one of the best.

  2. I enjoy Pink Floyd and "Run Like Hell" features on my IPod playlists and is great to run to. It was one of my first albums as well.

  3. got excited when I read the "washington" part, but it was followed by "dc" :)
    I like Pink Floyd too.

  4. oh my... but I'm also in school-mode, so very busy, but for the Black Knight, I will make time.

    I knew you had "teacher" in there somewhere... could tell I hit a nerve when I posted about my boring nutrition teacher. Glad I didn't piss off the Black Knight too much. :)

    I'll post by tomorrow....

  5. Thanks Stefano. I'm learning to post a comment, but I still have a lot to learn about running too.

  6. I can't believe I forgot to include "Avalon" on my can't live without CD list!
    And Pink Floyd, yeah!

    "lady" jeanne

    (did you play a lot of dungeons and dragons as a kid?? just wondering!) :)