Monday, January 16, 2006

The weapon, the Army, the triumph

The Black Knight in a moment of nobility promulgated an edict to warn the runners not to run through his County because he had to test the new terrible weapon! Nobody left home so the glorious Legion (the Black Knight and Sir giorgio) tested the Garmin but they had some doubts and for this reason they need the help of the other invincible Legions to know their opinions.
1) The distances measured by the car and the Garmin are different. Only a bit, so we are not very disappointed;
2) The pace is far from the reality! The Garmin "told me": "Sir you are running at 07'30"/km (12'/m) impossible"!!!!! In my life I never ran slower than 6'06"/km (9.8/m). On a downhill I pushed and the Garmin said: "Sir, I beg your pardon but I am afraid you are running at 5'42"/km (9.1/m)"; crazy!!! At the end of a fast 10 km (6.2 m) the Garmin sentence was 5'24"/km (8.7/m): is this my (negative) PR on a 10 km???
By the way:
- Saturday 25.41 km (15.8 m) - Garmin opinion - in 2h 20' 40" in spite of a dogs attack against sir Giorgio who ran with me for 20 km (12.4 m);
- Today 10 km at 5'24"/km (8.7/m) - Garmin opinion - plus 3.1 km (1.9 m) on the treadmill.
Could this be a trick of the coward enemies? If so the clever executioner Sir iliketoast will be very busy in the next future.
The Army grows, new invincible heroes joined the Black Legions. This is the complete present crew:
1) Her Majesty Lora : Princess
2) Lady Tammy :Amazon
3) Lady Anne: Defensive strategist
4) Lady jeanne: Sorcerer and Wizard
5) Sir iliketoast: Clever executioner
6) Sir Flatman: Jester
7) Sir giorgio : Knight
8) Lady Elizabeth: Amazon
9) Lady Reen: Cheerleader (waiting for a better job).
We are again waiting for further appreciated recruitments.
Last but not least the great triumph of the USA Black Knight Legion where in Arizona Lady Tammy destroyed the barbarian troops in the marathon and Lady Elizabeth executed the cruel horde in the half marathon and so did Lady Anne in Carlsbad: a lesson for the future. Don't piss off the Black Knight!


  1. Beautiful post. Beautiful picture. I do believe I'll have to come back here often :)

    Do you like the Garmin? I've heard mixed reviews...

  2. Ah, so that's why I had my best race time in a long time....:-)

  3. Injuries suck! I love my Garmin even when it is off a little bit! You can always change the settings to have it tell you average pace so it doesn't fluctuate so much.

    I love the picture by the way.

  4. The art of the Garmin is a skill to be mastered. With axe poised I will cover you whilst these skills you do acquire. Total time divided by distance is the pace as an average .... I divide my runs into 3K laps and the average pace is usually accurate and more so if satellites are always present. This is not so under bridges where evil trolls attack the Garmin and distract him.

    You are banking good distance as the strategy and battle plans foretold. Rome quivers like a scared puppy as your march continues to gather momentum.

    Ride n in the gathering strength of the Legions.

  5. Fantastic post!!
    I even forgot that I am also angry because Garmin is failing, I say it is!!
    But, if it is based on time, it is at least some close to reality...
    Dogs attack?? Fortunately I don't have to see any off them, well at least not the dangerous ones... were those dangerous??

  6. That weapon is only as good as its sattelites I fear...

    Thank you for the mention. I am so excited to be an Amazon. I thought of our army during the race. Next time I will PR and add another triumph to our midst!

  7. the tale of the dogs attack is true. Last saturday while we were running two dogs attacked us. During the dogs attack I fell and sir Stefano helped me to avert the danger.

  8. Okay, I saw no mention of the "Chief" or "Master at Arms"... someone has to whip all these rabblerousers into shape and be the official keeper of the Mead too, hehe! Thats the job I demand!

  9. No way, Elizabeth is too short to be an Amazon! Hey, if she can call me "incredibly tall", I can call her "short". :P~ Still love ya E!

    Runner's World had an article on GPS running tools that backed up what you are saying here. Now I don't feel so sad for not having one.

  10. The Garmin lies like a dog and is likely a secret weapon of the enemy! (Who are they again??) Like Tanita, The Garmin Must Be Banished!! And the dogs will be ... um, I'm against cruelty to animals, so the dogs, they must be LOCKED UP or put on leashes! So there!!

    Beautiful photos!

  11. The Garmin she is mischievous but she is so beautiful! She only lies in short spurts but over the long run she sings the truth and the beauty. The Garmin (along with the Motion Based) she is our our Goddess.