Saturday, March 04, 2006

The mother of all the battles

The mother of all the battles. Tomorrow is a very important running day: it is the Roma-Ostia day, the most important italian half marathon. Every year the organization cannot accept all the partecipants who ask to enter the event. The press calls this race the mother of all the battles!

Unfortunately the Black Knight is weak because of the health problems, the flu left a pain in the stomach that doesn't permit an appropriate training. The last week he could not run the long distance and yesterday he had to stop the run after 8 painful km (4.9 m). However he will go because the enemies must always find the Black Legion on their way. Indeed my club needs me for the group-prizes. Well, I hope to finish in 1.45'-1.47'.

New entries. The Black Knight Army is impressive: other 2 invincible pirates joined the group. Lady 21st Century Mom and Sir Kurt!!!!


  1. Be strong Black Knight... your years of battle will give you the endurance you need to be triumphant! Believe it & be it.

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  3. Forgive me, Knight, that was I, speaking an error. I have recomposed myself.

    Go forth, Black Knight! You shall battle gastric pain as I battle geriatric prejudice! Together we shall conquer... ONWARD, SOLDIERS!

  4. Be careful what you eat, you may be particularly susceptible to the potions of your enemies. Soldier on!

  5. let everyone know you're ill, but don't let them know you're getting better... don't let them know you've been to castle anthrax. they'll assume you're easily beaten, but ... PFAH!

    but... if you can't get better, then use projectile vomiting as a weapon.

    you can do it! ... i mean... you're the black knight! nothing can stop you. virus schmirus. gastroenteritis schmastroschminteritis!

  6. You need your medic! Take lots of clear liquids and think good thoughts:)