Thursday, April 27, 2006

Tarquinia - Official score

(Picture of Tarquinia)
Despite the trick of a longer distance, the Black Knight Army triumphed over the Italian Army School, the allied tribes and the errant knights.
We were right, the exact distance was 12 km (7.45 ml) and not the announced km. 11.6 (7.2 ml) but the glorious italian legion didn't surrender and put the black flag also over Tarquinia.

Indeed we had the surprise to find many bounty-hunters in our same race, in fact 303 runners subdivided in 11 age groups entered the half marathon and 84 runners, all in the same group, the 12 k (7.45 ml). But never mind, they were only more victims for us!

Official score:

The Black Knight: 26° in 53.18 (4'26"/km - 7'08"/ml)

Sir giorgio: 27° in 53.48 (4'29"/km - 7'13"/ml)

Long Joe: 53° in 1.00.53 (5'04"/km - 8'12"/ml).

We are happy to announce that Sir R2B joined the Black Knight Army as First Assassin! Welcome to the new brave warrior!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The First Bounty

The Prologue: At last the D-day arrived and part of the Black Knight Army, italian legion, arrived to the battlefield ready for the first adventure as bounty-hunters.
The beginning was the worst we could imagine:
1) In the parking we met a famous runner who brings ill luck and we were scared of hearing the terrible sentence: "you look in perfect shape". Fortunately it didn't happen because Long Joe, as sly as a snake, disracted the "unmentionable man" talkings about the weather.
2) After having a narrow escape, Long Joe felt something in his tummy and ran to a building in construction "to make his own businness in total privacy" but, in a while, we saw him to run away with the pants in his hands because inside he met the well hidden yard's care-taker.

(from left: Sir giorgio, the Black Knight and Long Joe)

3) For the short-distance of km. 11.6 (7.2 ml) there were only 30 prizes with no age-groups and we thought to find only few enemies but, what a surprise, at the start there was the whole Army Not Commander Officers School of Viterbo! Three Black Knights against the Italian Army, many barbarian allied tribes and errant knights.

(The loot)

The Report: The bad surprise needed a change of strategy, Lady Anne (our strategist) was not available at that time because of the different time zone, so we had to organize a fast war council: too many enemies mainly young in their 20 with the drill instructors, some professional sprinters, the Black Knight Army and only 30 prizes. We decided not to follow a tactic but to run like the hell as fast as we could by the shot. This meant to lose Long Joe but he agreed and we did. Sir giorgio and the Black Knight, head on, began the fight and ran shoulder to shoulder with faster opponents: no thoughts, no tactic, no complaints and above all no surrender. We don't have again the results and we are sure that the route was longer than 11.6 km (7.2 ml), in our opinion not less than 12 km (7.45 ml), but Sir giorgio and the Black Knight received with pride their bounty (perhaps the 24th and the 25th). Unfortunately Long Joe didn't succeed but he fought with honour. Now the black flag waves on the ruins of Tarquinia.

Unofficial times: The Black Knight 53.17 - Sir giorgio 53.37 - Long Joe 1h01.15

Friday, April 21, 2006

The War of Tarquinia

The Black Knight Army, italian legion, has 5 brave knights. One (Radar Man) is injuried, another (The Professor) is tired after the Rome Marathon and his recovery is long and the other 3 - the Black Knight, Sir giorgio and Long Joe – are ready to fight.
After years of glory, wars in every part of the world, conquered kingdoms, pacified countries, brought the civilization to far barbarians lands, proved the mercy after the victory, severe but fair, the Knights decided to change the strategy.
The Black Committee, after long discussions, propitiator actions and a wide amnesty for the long-time inmates (only who have ugly wives because they cannot forget how stupid was to fight against the glorious Army) took the ultimate decision.
The question was: April 25th will we enter the Tarquinia half marathon or the 11.6 km (7.2 ml)? Will we do the Bounty hunters or the Fighters for the glory? The decision was hard because the last year the Black Knight and Long Joe entered the main event but the first received the last prize of his age group (3 bottles of wine, cake and t-shirt) and the second nothing.
After nights and nights of discussions the verdict was unanimous: Bounty Hunters, come on with the 11.6 km! The reasons are: 11.6 km (7.2 ml) are too much for the young sprinters and too short for the long distance runners, but perfect for us who made the appropriate training; the prizes for the half marathon are 30 for every age group and our one (Black Knight and Long Joe – MM50 - ) is the most crowded; the prizes for the 11.6 km (7.2 ml) are totally 30 but the participants will be less than the MM50 group runners!!!!
In the end we are proud to announce that now the Black Knight Army has a Mascott: he is mr. Bayley, the Princess Lora's Pup.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Bounty Killers

Lady jeanne convinced me to talk about this topic because I was a little embarrassed. Here it is usual, during the main running events, to organize a parallel shorter race to get more runners at the start.

I noticed some important data: the prizes are the same but in the main event enter thousands faster persons and in the shorter race only few slower runners. The fee for the first is expensive, for the second unexpensive. My age group (MM50) is the most crowded and if I could compete in the younger age groups (MM45, MM40 and MM35) it would be easier to receive the prizes.

Everytime I entered the less important events I succeeded in getting the prize: always! The last time was in oct. 2005 when, because of a strong flu, I ran for fun the short distance instead of the crowded half marathon. I finished the 7.3 km (4.5 ml) in total relax with a time of 33.46 but I arrived 20th, just in time to receive the last possible prize!

Moreover in february 2006 I ran the half marathon of Fiumicino at 4'47"/km (7'42" ml) pace with a final score of 90°/191 in my age group. Unbealivable but in the parallel race of 10 k (6.2 ml) the second of my age group covered the distance with my same pace, but I ran 21.1 km!!!

For these reasons the Black Knight and Sir giorgio decided to begin a career as Bounty Killers until the end of the race season, entering the shorter distances while all the runners run in the main event!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The brilliant idea

(Where the Black Knight and Sir giorgio had the brilliant idea)

The battle axe is sharp and shining, ready to bring the Black Knight Army's justice in the world.
After the injury the enemy thought not to see anymore the black flags waving over the battlefields: what a mistake!
This week the black flags are everywhere: Canberra ( CJ and iliketoast), Azalea Festival (Kurt) and Civitavecchia (Black Knight and Sir giorgio). I hope not to forget any black warrior.
After the massacre of Civitavecchia, where many enemies were defeated, the Black Knight, escorted by a Sir giorgio always angry because of the weakness during the d-day, the last week tested his shape with 2 long runs and 2 tempo runs: 22.5 km (14 ml), 10.2 km (6.3 ml), 11.9 km (7.4 ml) and sunday 21.1 km. (a half marathon distance).
Now the Italian legion is ready to run many shorter races where there are more chances to enter in the top ten of the age-groups.
By the way the Black Knight, on April 2nd, at the end of the race, didn’t check his rank so he lost the prize because he arrived 10th in his age group: silly!
The meeting: Sunday, during the usual patrol to serch and destroy the rebels, the Black Knight and Sir giorgio had a brilliant idea: what about a meeting of the Black Knight Army and its supporters in occasion of the 12/11 Civitavecchia Half Marathon on Nov. 12nd? The route is beautiful: the main promenade, the port, the country and the city.
Our home-town is very close to the International Airport of Rome, unexpensive and with many touristic place to visit. It would be wonderful to run together, walking through the streets and having dinner with the official black armours!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

A present from Lady Jeanne

Today when I got home I found a very nice surprise: I received this beautiful shirt and 2 cds from the dear running friend jeanne.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Lady jeanne.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Iterum rudit leo - The lion roars again

At last, after the injuries, the Black Knight Army, italian legion, came back to fight but the coward enemies knew and ran away so, the heroic legion, found only 155 runners on the battlefield!
At the sight of the Black Warriors, the scared opponents began to run and after 4 laps of the city, with a heartbreak hill in the middle of every lap, they surrendered.
As the coward enemies surrendered in the main promenade near the sea, as the morning was sunny, as the temperature was warm, as Sir giorgio and the Black Knight are kind Sirs…….the defeated barbarous had safe the life and could come back to their desolate lands and ugly wives remembering the advice: don’t piss off the Black Knight (Army).
The score (in alphabetical order):
Distance: 12 km (7.45 ml)
The Black Knight:
54.04 (4.30/km – 7.14/ml) – 97°/155 runners – 10°/12 in the age group (MM50)
Sir giorgio (weak after a cold but very very angry):
55.42 (4.38/km – 7.27/ml) – 110°/155 runners – 18°/26 in the age group (MM45)