Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The brilliant idea

(Where the Black Knight and Sir giorgio had the brilliant idea)

The battle axe is sharp and shining, ready to bring the Black Knight Army's justice in the world.
After the injury the enemy thought not to see anymore the black flags waving over the battlefields: what a mistake!
This week the black flags are everywhere: Canberra ( CJ and iliketoast), Azalea Festival (Kurt) and Civitavecchia (Black Knight and Sir giorgio). I hope not to forget any black warrior.
After the massacre of Civitavecchia, where many enemies were defeated, the Black Knight, escorted by a Sir giorgio always angry because of the weakness during the d-day, the last week tested his shape with 2 long runs and 2 tempo runs: 22.5 km (14 ml), 10.2 km (6.3 ml), 11.9 km (7.4 ml) and sunday 21.1 km. (a half marathon distance).
Now the Italian legion is ready to run many shorter races where there are more chances to enter in the top ten of the age-groups.
By the way the Black Knight, on April 2nd, at the end of the race, didn’t check his rank so he lost the prize because he arrived 10th in his age group: silly!
The meeting: Sunday, during the usual patrol to serch and destroy the rebels, the Black Knight and Sir giorgio had a brilliant idea: what about a meeting of the Black Knight Army and its supporters in occasion of the 12/11 Civitavecchia Half Marathon on Nov. 12nd? The route is beautiful: the main promenade, the port, the country and the city.
Our home-town is very close to the International Airport of Rome, unexpensive and with many touristic place to visit. It would be wonderful to run together, walking through the streets and having dinner with the official black armours!


  1. All those places sound delightful. Just the right place to make that kind of brilliant ideas!

    Keep enjoying and prepare to defeat!

  2. Man Italy does sound nice!

    This young Amazon may not have the means to get there in '06 but I will certainly let the Black Knight know when I have the opportunity to visit Rome!

  3. I would love to do that but I am going to Peru in October and I don't think my travel budget can handle it. It would be so much fun, though! Maybe in '07

  4. My daughter will be studying in Spain next fall, and I want to visit her, and hey Spain is NEAR italy, no?! What a fantastic idea!!! an Italian RBF meet-up!! Oh, I really want to do this!!

  5. That is a brilliant idea. If my plans to run a half marathon in North Carolina fall through for that weekend (and well in advance of the date), then your army's strategist may have to find a way to join the Black Knight ranks. And brush up on her Italian.

  6. Wow... wouldn't that be incredible? And November is the "off-season", so tickets are cheaper. Hmmm. I'll have to see how the finances look as we get closer.

    The enemies of the Black Knight Army have struck again! Do we not have a royal food taster?? My food was recently poisoned, and as a result I lost two days of training!!! Bring on the royal food taster!!!!

  7. This is possible. Yes. I'll have to think about this...:)

  8. You have truly piqued my interest and by then I should running again! I will definitely check my schedule and work on it!

    How Fun!!

  9. How I would love to visit your home town. Unfortunately brave messengers make very little money these days.

  10. I wold love to go run with you in Rome! One day I hope to do it.

  11. toasts are aiming for honolulu in decemberuru so that toast hater can reunite with family (at this point, not hitting the 48s) half way btwn brithbane and dallath.

    we do have a 2007 goal of a european marathon. 2006 is not good as the toasts both got new jobs and it's too soon to ask for 3 weeks off. EU is too far for any less time.

    i'm sure you'll still be fighting the big fight then.

  12. Hmmm . . . the possibilities! Italy?!!!

  13. You are a brilliant and gallant leader
    Nero Cavalliere!
    Lead on!

  14. oooh, that's a great invitation! You never know who migh show up.

    Hey, nice running here.

  15. Ahhhhh, Italy. Number one on my list of where I must visit. But my condo should be ready for move-in by mid-November, so, alas, the Princess must decline this glorious invitation!

    But down the road.....I'm getting there someday, somehow!! Keep the pasta warm!