Thursday, April 27, 2006

Tarquinia - Official score

(Picture of Tarquinia)
Despite the trick of a longer distance, the Black Knight Army triumphed over the Italian Army School, the allied tribes and the errant knights.
We were right, the exact distance was 12 km (7.45 ml) and not the announced km. 11.6 (7.2 ml) but the glorious italian legion didn't surrender and put the black flag also over Tarquinia.

Indeed we had the surprise to find many bounty-hunters in our same race, in fact 303 runners subdivided in 11 age groups entered the half marathon and 84 runners, all in the same group, the 12 k (7.45 ml). But never mind, they were only more victims for us!

Official score:

The Black Knight: 26° in 53.18 (4'26"/km - 7'08"/ml)

Sir giorgio: 27° in 53.48 (4'29"/km - 7'13"/ml)

Long Joe: 53° in 1.00.53 (5'04"/km - 8'12"/ml).

We are happy to announce that Sir R2B joined the Black Knight Army as First Assassin! Welcome to the new brave warrior!


  1. That's some good running. Congratulations to the Black Knight and his friends, and enjoy the loot.

    P.S. Your strategy sounded very good to me.

  2. Now we have to work for the next race in Rome.

  3. That photo is gorgeous. I think I need some new, cross-the-ocean running routes.

  4. The Black Knights forces are indeed formidable. Congratulations on the fast times!

  5. The enemies are getting smarter ... practice caution

  6. I love the pictures you take. Makes me want to sail over there and loot Italy and bring the bounty back here!

  7. Great running . . . I mean slaughtering . . . your pictures are the best!

  8. So I look up Tarquinia...
    "Myth runs that not far from the Marta River, in a place still bearing the signs of the largest Etruscan temple known to history, a fatal event occurred: from a newly ploughed furrow there sprang a divine being — a child in body, an old man in wisdom — who revealed the discipline of their religion to the Etruscans. Tarchon, to whom the child/old man, Tages, had appeared, founded a sacred city on the site of the prodigy and called it Tarchna, that is Tarquinia."
    I believe you run with Tages in the blood

  9. Thank you Black Knight!I plan to assasinate the enemy with great valour and dignity wherever possible.


  10. Congratulations, Black Knight!
    Tarquina looks beautiful...but isn't the Winged Victory sculpture at the Louvre in Paris? ;-)