Saturday, May 06, 2006


Roma is under siege: barbarian tribes, cruel savage hordes and errant mercenary knights attacked the capital from everywhere.
The Pope is scared, the people are hidden and only the X Legion, famous to be the faithful Julius Caesar’s legion, is resisting the coward enemy.
At last they sent the brave messenger Sir Rob to get the help of the invincible Black Knight Army that fought in every part of the world for the freedom and the justice.
The italian legion could not remain deaf to this call of help from the brothers in arm and gathered all the troops: the Black Knight, Sir giorgio and the Professor are wearing the black shining armours and are ready to slaughter the siegers to give peace again to the Eternal City. Unfortunately Long Joe and Radar Man are injuried but the rest of the Army is more than enough to defeat the enemy.
Tomorrow, at 10.00 a.m., the 3 heroes will be strong and angry on the Corri nel Campus battlefield, a 10 km (6.2 ml) race. No mercy, don’t piss off the Black Knight Army!


  1. Leave no enemyt alive ;)

    Have a great race!

  2. The black runners are angry.

  3. Those barbarians, while rude and crude with ugly wives, do have some muscular legs; however, I don't think the added weight from all those quadriceps will help them in their running.

  4. Good Luck for the battle. May victory taste sweet.

  5. Long Live the Black Knight... Long Live the Army... Whooowah! Forward, unto battle.... (insert war cry here).

  6. May the Black Knight and his army enjoy the spoils of war!

  7. Go on with those victories!!

    Today on TV on RAI there was a transmition of Giro de Italia on biclycles and could see how nice those races are through different towns, I remember some of your posts!