Monday, May 08, 2006

Rome is free

The Story: When the Black Knight Army arrived to the Corri nel Campus battlefield, found a terrible situation, enemy troops of occupation ruled by terror using all the most infamous means: all the people must watch 24h/24h reality shows and soap operas, listen the most boring singers like Toto Cutugno, Al Bano and Mino Reitano and have lunch in the most infamous fast-food. The weakest, that is to say the luckiest, died after 2 days of this kind of tortures.
There the Black Knight and Sir giorgio had the surprise to know that also the Professor could not fight so, now, he is officially “missing in action 3” (Missing in action 1 and 2 are Chuck Norris’ movies). For this lack they must face, by themselves, 1412 cruel barbarian soldiers.
The enemies thought out many tricks not to fight against the glorious B.K.A. Italian legion: before the start a couple of women tried to tempt the 2 knights talking of the weather (the usual stupid approach) but the invincible warriors didn’t fell into the snare; during the race they received sparkling water that used to refresh their heads but they got into the troubles because it burnt their eyes; the distance was 10,4 km. (6.27 ml) and not the announced 10 km (6.2 ml).
Despite the tricks and the hard fight Roma got the freedom in short time!

The serious report: It was a difficult race because of the heat and the route. A lot of runners crowded the narrow streets – the 1st km. was a nightmare – characterized by many uphills and downhills, bridges and hairpin bends. As we planned, we got another “bounty”(6 bottles of wine for each black warrior that will be delivered within 90 days), the prizes were 1015: 860 for the men and 155 for the women.

The score:
Sir giorgio: 629°/1238 men – 663°/1412 overall – 47’48” official time – 47’13” chip time
Black Knight: 658°/1238 men – 695°/1412 overall – 48’12” official time – 47’37” chip time
The pace:
Sir giorgio: 4’36”/km (7’24”/ml) official time – 4’32”/km (7’18”/ml) chip time
Black Knight: 4’38”/km official time (7’27”/ml) – 4’34”/km (7’21”/ml) chip time.
The split:
4.35 - 4.30 - 4.38 (uphill) -4.20 -4.42 -4.31 -4.26 - 4.21 - 4.46 (uphill) - 4.46 (uphill) - 2.03 (400 mt.)


  1. excellent strategy against barbarous runners...and a good loot: 12 bottles of wine for the next black knight party.

  2. I really want this running/wine thing to catch on in the States!

    Nice work!

  3. That's some nice result and times. Way to go.

  4. I wish the prize system here in the states were as plentiful as all the races that you run. Congratulations on setting Rome free. I am sure they will be eternally grateful.

  5. I love this wine thing, too!! (I did have my black knight medical kit along on the half:) It worked!)

  6. The Black Knight is as fast as he is frightening! Good work!

    I also wish we got bottles of wine instead of t-shirts

  7. Man I wish the bounty in Ohio was so great as the Bounty in Rome!

    Great Race!

  8. I'm with kt...we need more wine rewards for our races. A much better motivator than mere medals. Glad you again overcame the harsh conditions, especially the heat.

  9. Great Race BK! Glad Rome is free now I can come and pillage it!

    I plan on racing hard, kidnapping some of the women and looting all the booty I can ship back with me!

    Seriously good race and good to see you doing well.

  10. Well Done - Our fearless leader continues to forge the way!

  11. What an honour it is to serve under a leader who strategy is proven by the plentyfullness of his plunder.

    And Rome is Free? ... damn, we have to pay to enter such events.

  12. you must be careful around the enemy. being armed with mind-numbing television, artery-clogging food, and a bevy of ugly wives, these are not enemies to be taken lightly. i'm glad you did not waste energy slapping the weather small talkers. it's tempting, but true knights rise above that ... plus it'll dirty your silk gloves used for face slapping.

    sorry about the change of distance. never works IN your favor. i heard that the other chicago marathon was 27.2 instead of 26.2 miles recently. monster OOPS!

    by the way, is the black knight army a political entity? do we have a chance of seeing you or sir giorgio as the head of the newly created nation of Independent Roma?

  13. Oh Brave Black Knight when will we challenge those sods for the total rule of beautiful Italia?
    My patience runs thin i must assasinate soon or go crazy.

  14. Celebrating with the wine: the spoils of war! :-)
    Sounds glorious! Accolades for your victory!

  15. We just get crappy t-shirts at our races! No fair. We must all move to Italia!

    Nice race! Your strategy is working well!