Sunday, June 25, 2006

Feeling stronger everyday (this is not the Chicago's song)

The capital of the Black Knight's kingdom is on the sea and in this hot period the glorious italian legion prefers easy runs and long swims all together. Usually they run leaving the Black Knight's home to the beach, a route of almost km. 11 (ml. 6.8).
For an ambitious running program they prefer to wait until late august to prepare the important races of october.
In this picture the Knights have a drink before the run. From left the Black Knight, Sir Giorgio and Radar-man
In this 2nd picture the italian legion is ready to conquer the beach. From left: Radar-man, Sir Giorgio and the Black Knight.
The arrival to the beach:
After the ordeal under a hot sun:
The Black Knight Army is always stronger, other brave warriors joined the international legion:
- Sir Wobbly man is another Court Jester;
- Sir Thomas is the Evil Warrior;
- Lady Running Rabbit is another Amazone!
I think I have to prepare a web site where every Black Knight's Army warrior can tell his/her glorious adventures.

Saturday, June 17, 2006


In the kingdom of the Black Knight the sun is shining, the weather is hot and the subject people are on the beach enjoying the peace and the prosperity that the kind Sir gave them.
The borders are safe and the garrison spend the time in the fortress (in the picture the local ancient Michelangelo Fortress).
The Black Fleet is in the port because our Pirates sank the enemy battle ships.

In this peaceful period the Black Knight decided to enjoy the summertime riding a bike every other day and running every other day, waiting for including swimming in this ambitious program. The italian legion is a 5 knights Army and we are all together only in summer, because 2 of us live in Rome (72 km. - 44,7 ml), for this reason the (funny) tri will be "served" by July.

It means that the Black Knight will not enter anymore races in June and July: only funny-thriatlon and big celebrations to remember the most important victories. About this topic, the Black Knight and Sir giorgio took the decision to find a race (not longer than a half marathon) in January-February 2007 to show abroad, in Europe, the Black uniforms.

Breaking news: We are glad to announce that Sir Haight joined the glorious Black Knight Army as "Good warrior".

Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Black Knight is back

The Black Knight apologizes for his long silence. It will not happen anymore. The last 20 days were a nightmare because he was very busy for work and spent some days between Rome and Naples.
Of course he ran but he could not enter the programmed races for a pain in his back that he cured with many thermal baths.
The next battle will be the Villa S. Giovanni in Tuscia ordeal, a terrible 10 km with many heartbreak hills. I wrote on my logbook "no more", but my running group Anna Baby Runner needs my help to get the prize in money: 800 euro to the first society and 50 euro to the 11^ (1 euro = 1.3 $).
By the way Villa S. Giovanni in Tuscia is a little nice town in the greenest part of my region (Lazio). Anna Baby is a shop of clothes for kids and Anna is the owner.
Where the Black Knight Army rules: Civitavecchia (some pictures).
1) The most ancient square (see the swallows in the sky):

2) The Promenade where the arrival of the 12/11 Civitavecchia Half Marathon is:

3) Part of the water-front:

4) The ancient historical Vanvitelli's fountain:

5) Leandra square in the heart of the ancient downtown:

6) A view from the Promenade:

7) The coast:

8) The Breakwater:

9) Another view from the Promenade: