Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Black Knight is back

The Black Knight apologizes for his long silence. It will not happen anymore. The last 20 days were a nightmare because he was very busy for work and spent some days between Rome and Naples.
Of course he ran but he could not enter the programmed races for a pain in his back that he cured with many thermal baths.
The next battle will be the Villa S. Giovanni in Tuscia ordeal, a terrible 10 km with many heartbreak hills. I wrote on my logbook "no more", but my running group Anna Baby Runner needs my help to get the prize in money: 800 euro to the first society and 50 euro to the 11^ (1 euro = 1.3 $).
By the way Villa S. Giovanni in Tuscia is a little nice town in the greenest part of my region (Lazio). Anna Baby is a shop of clothes for kids and Anna is the owner.
Where the Black Knight Army rules: Civitavecchia (some pictures).
1) The most ancient square (see the swallows in the sky):

2) The Promenade where the arrival of the 12/11 Civitavecchia Half Marathon is:

3) Part of the water-front:

4) The ancient historical Vanvitelli's fountain:

5) Leandra square in the heart of the ancient downtown:

6) A view from the Promenade:

7) The coast:

8) The Breakwater:

9) Another view from the Promenade:


  1. Welcome back, we missed you. Great pictures!

  2. Welcome back. What wonderful pictures!

  3. Yes, life is always a nightmare when I have the drudgery of spending time between Naples and Rome... ;)

    Welcome back!!

  4. I thought you were only posting when racing, but I missed a lot the Black Knight's tales.

    Didn't think we've lost you!

  5. That's it. I'm moving!!! I'm going to be in spain from 23 nov to 1 dec. that's right around the corner from you, no? I wish I could get to your beautiful town!
    welcome back!

  6. Nice pics Knight. Your realm looks peaceful and tidy. Good work.

  7. Welcome back and thanks for those pictures. So beautiful! I really do need to get to Italy one of these days.

  8. Anna Baby Runner? I like the sound of that.

  9. Glad I don't have to send any pirates and ransack the city looking for you.

    Looks nice there, hope I run there one day and race the Black Knight himself!

  10. when you run for fun/training, are these the sights you see all the time? i think i'd be looking up too much, trip and fall. oh, but it'd be worth it.

    i think after i get a better foothold on french, i'll have to start with italian again. i love any language that has "dopodomani" as a word. great fun to say... dopodomani.

    (and the toast liker's pacer balloons are.... BLACK!)

  11. Nice to hear from the Black Knight again!

    I was thinking of you when I read about this in the newspaper a few days ago ... Monty Python Black Knight Plush Toy. Like you (the REAL Black Knight), it is indestructible!

  12. Great Pictures! Italy looks very appealing!

  13. Nice to have you back! Great pics!

  14. I thought you may have been slain by the enemy, but I should have known better. Nice looking pics.

  15. Welcome Back!
    Che Bella Citta!

    Il Cavalierre Nero is back!

  16. Damn you are blessed to be living amongst such beauty!! Italy remains high on my list of places I must see!
    Thanks for sharing....and keep on showing the pics--it's like a travel log!!
    Run strong!!

  17. The scenes they are peaceful but the people, they are not there? Are they afraid of the Black Knight? The cowards hide and shelter with their ugly wives, leaving you free to run at your leisure.

  18. Great pictures! Thanks.

    Happy to see you back too... :)

  19. I had nearly given up on reading any new entries on your blog. Those pictures are amazing, you certainly live in a beautiful place.

  20. Since you approve of the 'coat of arms' on my leg...does this grant me acceptance into the army?

    I think I would make a good warrior that would possess strength, intelligence and humor to belittle the enemy when necessary.