Saturday, July 15, 2006

After the victory

I apologize because I could not write any comment on your blogs but my computer is totally out and my wife (the expert) doesn't succeed in fixing it again. Now I am posting this one in a rare moment of reason of the evil machine.
After the victory: Lady IHateToast said: "so, have your feet touched the ground"?. Yes, I did and now, after many celebrations, we have to think new soccer adventures (even if I am a rugby fan). The French were defeated and at present the Black Knight Army is planning the annexation of that Country to its kingdom. In this picture you can see the Black Knight during the inspection of Marseille in the south of the France.

Thanks to Lady Tammy: What a wonderful surprise, in the black mail box of his black castle the Black Knight found the glorious shining armour that Lady Tammy won after the victorious battle of Issaquah Sprint Tri. I left on that t-shirt the blood of the defeated Lady Tammy's enemies. I will show the trophy as soon as possible; now I cannot because I have pc problems.
The Roxy Music's reunion tour: the time is coming. On July 19th the Roxy Music will make a concert in Rome to celebrate the many victories of the Black Knight Army.

Running: This is a hot July so it is not easy to follow a quality schedule. We try to keep our shape waiting for better times to increase the speed and the mileage. At the moment the Black Knight runs 4 times a week, mainly from home to the beach where he spends the morning with his Queen Daniela. However one weekly workout is always not less of 9 miles. Besides he rides his bike and swims in open sea.

A good week end to all the blog family!


  1. Ah, the blood of the enemies... it does stain, doesn't it? ;)

    Marseille looks ok to me. If you need someone to look over that part of the kingdom, just let me know. My sis-in-law's parents (residents of Kaiserslatern, Germany) have a vacation home in the South of France. It's good to be part of that family indeed.

    Ciao! (look, I spelled it right!)

  2. How nice of the Roxys to honor you and your army. Enjoy that celebration.

  3. I hope your computer problems get fixed soon. Stay healthy and strong for the next battle.

  4. Not being able to comment? God...that's like the world coming to an end for me!

  5. It is wise to take it easier during the hottest months, you are a master tactition indeed.

  6. what a coinkydinky (coincidence)! we just watched the Count of Monte Cristo... there's the island of italy, there's marseilles.... and there's dueling. clearly the aura of stefano was around us.

    sadly it wasn't tonight as i betrayed my black knight army and went to my french class. BUT I ONLY DO IT TO SPY ON THE ENEMIES!

    but do you also mourn the loss of the teams (fc milan)? does the black knight army ever have these issues? battle fixing?

  7. Great time to cross train and keep in shape at the same time. I should fly over there and do one of the medium 9 mile runs with you (as long as I don't have to go to France of course!(