Friday, July 28, 2006

The departure

The heat rules in the Black Knight's kingdom and he cannot follow a quality schedule of training. At the moment the workouts are 4/5 a week for a weekly total of about 50 km (31 miles). It is important here to choose always routes with fountains to low the body temperature and to drink when necessary.
Moreover in this period many races around the city were cancelled because of economical problems. Here the runners, before entering the events, check the prizes and for this reason it is very expensive to organize a race.
Here are some pictures of the beach where the Black Knight and his lovely Queen spend lazy the summertime:

(the wife is in the center of the photo)

Now some answers for the questions to my last post:

To Lady Anne: I got the USCG hat from 2 officers who visited the port of Civitavecchia some years ago. It was a present when they knew that I spent 20 years in the italian Coast Guard. This port is big and they asked to visit it by running; they didn't know I was a runner and it was funny to see their faces at the end of "the visit".

To Lady IHateToast: you are right, my wife is off because in summer there is no school.

To Lady jeanne: yes the Enervitene is an integrator of vitamins and carbohydrates. In the past I had problems because my "sugars" dropped in a fast way and it was a good solutions for this kind of problems. However Enervitene is not part of my diet, it is only an "emergency stuff".

To Lady Hilda: I would like to race all the time but I decided to enter 12/15 events every year, I don't want to stress my body. Yes in Italy the big cities are empty in august. About my vacation, please scroll down will see.

To Sir Thomas: to get one month off from work I had to find an agreement with a collegue of mine. I take the place of him during his month off and he takes my place during my one. Easy.....

To Sir RunDave: the Romans understood that it was easier to defend the Empire by a powerful fleet, so they said: navigare est necesse, vivere non est necesse (to sail is necessary, to live is not necessary). In the paraphrase I wrote "to run" instead of to "sail"

(a landscape from the beach)

The Cruise

On monday the Black Knight and his gracious Queen will leave for a mediterranean cruise on the Voyager of the Seas (Royal Caribbean). They will be back on the morning of the 7th of August.The port of calls are Civitavecchia, Palermo, Malta, Palma de Majorca, Barcelona, Nice and Civitavecchia. I hope that when the Black Knight is on the sea the Black Legions will defend the borders of the Kingdom.

Ciao a tutti (bye to all), see you soon.


  1. Have a fabulous cruise! Bon voyage!

  2. The Black Knight is taking to the sea? Is there a navy within his kingdom?

    Be leery of any lecherous pirates or barbaric vikings that might be lurking in the waters.

  3. Have fun on the cruise, and take on any pirates you see!

  4. I'd been worried that the Black Knight had been sleighed by infernal dragons, otherwise known as summer weather. It's been bad here too. May you both enjoy your cruise and...not need to be rescued by the Coast Guard. If you do, be sure to flash that hat and you'll get to board the boat or chopper quicker!

  5. Enjoy your cruise!!

    We'll be waiting for more about the BK journey and his adventures!

  6. My husband and I sailed the carribean on the Voyager of the Seas in Dec 2004. She is a beautiful ship, the staff was wonderful and the food fantastic. Be sure to go to the the ice show - it's amazing! There is a running track - just in case you're interested - it was on one of the upper decks outside and in the sun so you'll have to go early.

    Have Great time!

  7. Have a wonderful time. Treat the queen well. We don't want to hear about her favourite knight being tossed overboard.
    Please post photos of each port when you return.
    Will you (or Did you) run at all while on vacation or will you just relax and let the body heal a bit?

  8. It sounds like a wonderful trip! In Barcelona there is a statue of one of your countrymen, Christopher Columbus, pointing out to sea. I think you can climb up inside the statue for a great view, but I don't know for sure. Tell your Queen to hold onto her purse tightly; unfortunately there are purse (and camera bag) snatchers in the old Gothic section, the Barri Gotic. I hope you have a wonderful time.

  9. I think the queen is a lucky lady (even if she is hiding in your photo of her)! Bon voyage!

  10. A quick surevy shows all is well in the realm. 'Tis indeed an opportune time to take to the seas. Beware though the enemy will be witing on your return so your training will need to be constant

  11. Relax on your tour sire.I shall have to assasinate any person who asails the crown in your absence as is my duty.

  12. So he is a cruiser now too! Enjoy, but not too much! Run Good!

  13. wow, fabulous and have an awesome time.

    color me green with envy.

  14. oh the water sounds lovely. I hope your wife and you enjoy the cruise!

    I'll be defending the shores of Lake Michigan next weekend and will think of you on the run at the end when a cruise will certainly sound more appealing!

  15. Wow... looks nice and relaxing. Have a wonderful time! You will be missed.

  16. OH I'm so envious of you! Che bella il mare :)

  17. Enjoy the plundering Sir Knight!

  18. Have a great cruise.

    I am lucky in my area there are a lot of races with no bounty at all therefore the races are much more abundant and affordable. Some of them are even free.

  19. i hope your cruise is as good as it looks and that you lavish the queen with devotion and attention just as my queen also deserves

  20. omg, I am SOOO envious!

  21. Have a wonderful cruise!
    We were planning on an anniversary cruise, but our plans fell through.
    Next year, maybe.