Saturday, July 08, 2006

Music to run

When the Black Knight runs alone, uses to listen his favourite music. In this way the training is easier and the legs work better.
Of course in my i-pod I only put songs with a fast rhythm to get a good help during the workout.
Here is my top 20 list. The order depends by the mood and this is the top at the moment:
1) Moonlight shadow (Mike Oldfield - Maggie Reilly)

2) Stargazer (Rainbow)

3) Whiskey in the jar (Seven Nations)
4) Proud Mary (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
5) Go your own way (Fleetwood Mac)
6) Born to run (Bruce Springsteen)
7) Rewind (Vasco Rossi)
8) Ice Queen (Within Temptation)
9) Headless cross (Black Sabbath)

10) Because the night (Patty Smith)

11) Confusion (Electric Light Orchestra)

12) Dreams (Cranberries)

13) Learning to fly (Pink Floyd)

14) When tomorrow comes (Eurithmics)

15) Black (k) night (Deep Purple)

16) D'yer maker (Led Zeppelin)

17) Nobody loves me (Bryan Ferry)

18) Sacrament of wilderness (Nightwish)

19) Don't bother (Shakira)

20) I've got a life (Eurythmics).

By the way on July 19th, the Black Knight will be in Rome for the big event: the Roxy Music's reunion tour!!!!!


  1. WOW what a great list! You have my blog's namesake: Born to Run; also love pink floyd, patti smith; plus my future HUSBAND Bryan Ferry, and I am SO JEALOUS that you are going to the reunion concert! Thanks for sharing, that is a terrific run list!

  2. Excellent choices. I will now think of you as the Black Rockin' Knight.

  3. That playlist would keep me going too. I was happy to see that particular Pink Floyd song on the list, as well as the Led Zeppelin selection (I would have added a couple from the album 'In Through the Out Door' instead of Black Sabbath). We expect a full report after the Roxy Music concert.

    Great, now I've got 'Love is a Drug' stuck in my head.....

  4. hmm, no Doors, No Led Zepelin, No The Who, No Stones, not sure I could listen to much to some of your music!

    Funny how we all like different things to work out to but that is all good.

    Hope Italy stomps on the French today at the world cup!

  5. Interesting music selection. Can't say I've heard of many of them though. Perhaps I need to broaden my horizons, so-to-speak!

  6. more on this later.... i'm late for work as i had to watch italy win!
    you think they won on sunday, but for us in australia, they won on monday. congrats!

  7. Great List - I love my iPod too!

    Congratulations to Italia!

  8. Great tunes. I change up my playlist every couple of months and have everything from country to hard rock on there. I've got a gig of space and love it.