Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Chapter 1: the ship.

On the last busy morning of july, the Black Knight saw a beatiful ship in the port named Voyager of the Seas and decided to conquest it for the glory of the victoriuos Army. Hidden among the passengers he assaulted the garrison (crew) and the surrender was total. After a fast inspection he was so kind to save their pointless lives. Here are some pictures.
The ship in the port of Malta. The B.K. wears the t-shirt of the italian rugby team:
The B.K. on the deck under the Royal Promenade suddendly renamed the Black Promenade:
The B.K. and his gracious Queen in the Coinnosseur Club suddendly renamed the Black Club:
The rest of the warrior. He cannot spend all his time fighting.
Despite this long adventure the Black Knight doesn't forget to run. The local antibiotic is working very well on the injuried big toe and today he could run the 11 km. (6.8 miles) from home to the beach.
At the moment he is thinking to enter the Florence Marathon on November 26th. Is there any blogfriend interested to wear the glorious black armour in Florence (Firenze)?


  1. That course looks fantastic! Downhill and then flat. That would be so much fun - but alas, I can't do it. I'm trying really hard to resist the siren call of 26.2 for a while. I need to recover!

  2. Lovely photos BK!

    Nice you are back in shape so soon!

  3. Although the warrior's training was cut short, I am sure he was able to feast on the bountiful harvest and enjoy the refreshing beverages served by the ship's peasants.

    I'm sure Florence will succomb to the Black Knight's wrath.

  4. As soon as i saw the photo i knew i had also trodden there also.But that is the job of a good assasin is it not sire?Running is hard in Malta with the streets so busy...did you find it so?

    Il Primo Assasino R2B

  5. Welcome back BK! Looks like the holiday was enjoyed by all. Florence marathon huh? I'm sure even I could talk Mrs Wm into that one but alas I am unable to train enough in time. Good luck!

  6. Glad the toe is healing! These pictures are making me very jealous!

  7. Does the Queen employ servants to get all the bloody bits and chunks of enemy out of the armor?

    She certainly deserved this rest, too. She really must get a big kick out of her knight.

    Was the food good?

  8. That's one lucky queen you have! Of course you cannot spend all your time fighting. It would wear you out. I have to go read the rest of the chapters of your adventure right this minute.