Sunday, August 13, 2006

Chapter 5: Barcelona

The forth port of call was Barcelona:

The Black Knight on the bridge between the water-front and the city. On the left there is the Cristoforo Colombo column, from there the famous Rambla begins:

A typical Gaudi's building:The Sagrada Familla:

Running update: despite the temperature in july I ran 216.5 km. (134,5 ml) but because of the heat it is impossible to plan a specific program to increase the speed. I entered the last race 3 months ago and I don't know when I will be able to run the next. Maybe on aug. 20 (a 10 km) but who knows?

Meeting: on aug. 16th the Black Knight Army italian legion will meet for a workout and a dinner all together.


  1. Ma Che Bella Photographia!
    Barcelona is one of my favourite cities!
    Looks like you had an awesome holiday!!


  2. I saw a documentary on TV that suggested Columbus was actually Italian. Did the black knight reclaim the monument for its rightful country?

  3. ah barcelona!! looks wonderful!

  4. i think there are many theories of Chrissy Cols's birthplace. Barcelona, Greece, Genoa, but not Iowa. That hasn't made the list....yet!
    Gaudi's works and Hundertwasser's works are fun for the first view, but then i get overwhelmed by it. they're like spice. necessary, but not too much of it or you lose the flavor.