Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The end

With this post finishes the report of the cruise. Despite the hectic life due to the many activities, the Black Knight and the Queen succeeded in running on the ship twice in one week. The next year we will repeat the experience on a cruise ship and for us it is easier because this is the first and the last port of call where the passengers do the turn around.
Here are other pictures. The fruit market of Barcelona:

Pompei: the Queen with a dog that pretended to be sick. But after some cuddles and a little of food he "came back to the life".
The Black Knight in the aquarius of Barcelona:
The Black Knight outside the Barcelona cathedral:After the cruise the mith of the Black Knight Army increased a lot and, after many celebrations in the cities where the B.K. brought his glory, now the tourists can buy a souvenir of his glorious adventures:
Running update. These are the last days of relaxing runs, mainly one day of rest after 2 workouts of 11 km (6.8 miles): the distance between my house and the beach. On the 4th of september the Black Knight will begin the 3 months training for the Florence Marathon. The goal is a sub 4 hours by 4 workouts every week. During this period only 2 races are scheduled: 01/10 Montalto Half Marathon and 12/11 Civitavecchia Half Marathon.


  1. The aquarium looks amazing! I am a big fan of the running plans with more rest days!

  2. I've certainly enjoyed you taking us along on your vacation with all these wonderful pictures. Bravo!

  3. What a glorious trip. I love the fruit market, and the aquarium. Thanks for letting me take a virtual vacation. Cheers to the photographer! I'm going to show these to my daughter, so she knows what to expect in spain!

  4. Beautiful vacation pics! Thanks so much for sharing em with us! And welcome back to running/training!

  5. Fantastic adventure for you and your queen. It was like you were part of the Crusades...without the bloodshed.

    That fruit stand looks too perfect to touch. And I think that dog would be a good playmate for Bayley.

  6. Thanks for letting me have the vacation I didn't get to have - if you know what I mean.

    I love the pic of all the knights.

    Happy training. 4 days a week sounds perfect. And good luck on being victorius at your 2 other races and wining the bounty of victory.

  7. where did the stumpy members of the black knight army come from?

    you sound like you had a wonderful time. you were so kind to share your ship with lowly non-runners.

    is the fair lady ready for school to begin?

  8. It sounds like a wonderful vacation, Stephano. I read all your entries, and agree that bull-fighting is barbaric. It continues in Mexico, and perhaps other countries.

    I especially enjoyed the Barcelona pictures, since I was there last year. Did the Black Knight's armor feel a little snug after all that good travel food?

  9. Great pics! Love the fruit stand!