Sunday, August 27, 2006

The program

The time is coming and the funny workouts will be soon only nice memories. This is the program to run the Florence Marathon under the 4 hours:
In the schedule I didn't include speed-works because they are pointless for my goal (sub 4 hours). Now the question is: can I enter any running events if I am following a running program? Perhaps I will solve the problem in these ways:
a) Oct. 1st. Scheduled 28 km - Race: Montalto half marathon. As the Half includes 3 laps, I will run 4 laps. The last one in a very slow way.
b) Oct. 8th. Scheduled 25 km - Race: S. Marinella 10 km. As the 10km includes 2 laps, I will run 3 laps and after I go home running again (the distance between S.Marinella and Civitavecchia is 10 km).
c) Nov. 12nd. Scheduled 20 km - Race: Civitavecchia half marathon. Of course no problem.


  1. I think you still need some speed work and a few more longer runs in the schedule. Your shooting for 42K and should have a few runs in at least mid to upper 30K's in my opinion. Even with your goal both will help you achieve it and help prevent injury.

    Just my 2 cents.

  2. I would change some of those Tuesday runs to speedwork runs. In fact, I'd change them all to speedwork. Why do you think it is pointless? Speedwork early in the week with long slow distance at the end and a couple of pace speed shorter runs in the middle is a great program. If you are going to run 5 days a week you might as well get as much variety as possible. So sayeth a woman who totally tanked in her last marathon so please feel free to ignore me!

  3. I'll help you to follow this program.

  4. i look forward to stories of mayhem and chaos in your wake. and, of course, to the photos of the loot and booty.

    i'm glad that sir giorgio will help you stay on the program, but will long joe join?

  5. Good luck with your program. I think the race adaptation to the schedule will work as well.

  6. I agree with kurt and 21st century mom that you should maybe do a tempo run one day a week so you don't settle into too slow a regular pace. And why do all the races there just sound so romantic????

  7. I almost always use races to get in some miles on my weekly long run. It's easier for me than running alone.

    In a way, it is like fartlek training, because I run the race part faster than the rest of the run, just because it is in a race setting.

    I do think I am teaching my body to start out fast and then slow down later in the run with this method. Not really what one wants to train to do, I know.

    But it keeps the training fun (and gets me some cool t-shirts).

    I'm such a child...

  8. The races fit well as you describe them. This is a very good plan. I am not a fan of the speed work.

  9. Races that are "close" in distance, either short or a "little" long can be substituted for runs without problems, just remember the hard / easy rule the next day! Run Good!

  10. speedwork...schmeed work...who needs that?

    I think it looks intense...

  11. I say race if you want to race! I am feeling like I haven't raced in ages and I am slow because of it! Granted you want to be slower for your marathon so I don't know. If there is bounty to be had (especially the wine) I would race those halfs!

  12. this is a comment for the Harriers post.
    be sure to let us know what you think of it. i love book reviews. i read one in the nytimes written by an italian journalist based in Milan. it's about the Italian mindset. and it seems really quite funny. especially about the red lights. when they're red, and when they're really just a bit orange. i think the book is called la bella figura... oh, let's just put the link here..

    i'm going to order it. have to! must learn more about these crazy italians.