Friday, September 29, 2006


I apologize for my long silence but I have a valid justification. As it is impossible to defeat the Black Knight on the battlefield, the stressed enemy tried to kill the invincible warrior by a spell . The coward system was almost successful because the Black Knight spent 5 days in the bed with a terrible bronchitis (sept. 20 - 24) and on monday he left for Hamburg (see the picture) to attend a work meeting on the noise pollution. He came back on wednesday night tired and weak because he didn't have the time to recover the illness.
Now it's hard to go on with the marathon program because I lost 8 days of training and I cannot do the long workout very soon. Yesterday I made a test with Sir giorgio but after 52 minutes of slow running I had to stop the workout.
However I don't surrender and even if I cannot race in Montalto on sunday, I will try again to be ready for the Florence Marathon.
Have a good running week end!!!!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

The rain knight

The second week of training for the Florence Marathon has coincided with a stormy rainy week. However the Black Knight succeeded in following the scheduled training even if with the help of the boring treadmill.
Tuesday: 14 km. (8.75 ml) with Sir giorgio;
Wednesday: 5 km. (3.1 ml) with the Queen;
Thursday: 8 km. (4.96 ml) of speedwork on the treadmill because of the storm;
Friday: 12.2 km. (7.57 ml) with Sir giorgio;
Sunday: 25 km (15.5 ml).
The storm of friday on the city:
The damages the day after the storm:

Monday, September 11, 2006

Broken pc

I apologize for the long silence but the enemy, after many defeats, decided to fight in a dirty way by the electronic war. In fact they broke my pc and it was very hard to fix it. Indeed it doesn't work yet very well but I am a man of hope.....The kick-off: the last week part of the Black Knight Army, Italian Legion, began the training to the Florence Marathon. For now the warriors will be Sir Gianni and the Black Knight, Sir giorgio is the personal trainer. This week the schedule was exactly followed: tuesday 12.2 km. (7.57 ml), thursday 14 km. (8.75 ml), friday 10.150 km. (6.3 ml) tempo run and sunday 22.2 km. (13.78 ml.). On sunday the work out was difficult because of the heat that here is a problem again; summer doesn't want to leave our nice city! In the photo the Black Knight is with his gracious Queen, as usual very supportive: she always helps him to find the right motivation to train hard.The next battle: after a war council the Army decided to enter the Montalto half marathon on oct. 1st. with all the warriors in both the events, so the victory will be complete and full. The BlackKnight, Sir Gianni, Long Joe and Sir Alessandro will enter the half marathon, while Sir giorgio will continue the bounty killer career in the 7.3 km. contest. The gracious Queen, our son Paolo and his girl friend will join the Army to fight in the 7.3 km. contest. Many black armours will frighten the people of Montalto!!!!