Sunday, September 17, 2006

The rain knight

The second week of training for the Florence Marathon has coincided with a stormy rainy week. However the Black Knight succeeded in following the scheduled training even if with the help of the boring treadmill.
Tuesday: 14 km. (8.75 ml) with Sir giorgio;
Wednesday: 5 km. (3.1 ml) with the Queen;
Thursday: 8 km. (4.96 ml) of speedwork on the treadmill because of the storm;
Friday: 12.2 km. (7.57 ml) with Sir giorgio;
Sunday: 25 km (15.5 ml).
The storm of friday on the city:
The damages the day after the storm:


  1. Yowee, that's some storm. Hope things get better soon....!

  2. Crazy! But... I love a good storm. I'm also glad you got a good run in with the Queen. You're lucky she let's you sweat in her presence. You know, she IS royal.

  3. Wow, what a storm indeed. I know how you feel about getting on the treadmill. I use the indoor track at the gym instead of the treadmill when I must get a workout in and I imagine I will be doing that often once the weather starts getting nasty. Looks like a solid week of training.

  4. That was quite a storm, glad you got your training in anyway.

  5. Did the Black Knight send that storm to his enemies fortress?

  6. You know you're dedicated when you'll train on a treadmill. I don't like to run in storms, especially when there is lightning involved.

  7. Sempre il primo assasino!

  8. Our Queen is also a glorious soldier in the Army? Outstanding!

  9. Oh there's a storm coming .... not the one you speak of ... n,o not at all ... the storm will be that of the Black Army marching to Florence

  10. Good running! What is your goal or do you have a goal time for the marathon?

    Heck of a storm!

  11. the queen runs, too??? nice!! that is an amazing photo of the storm. hope you stayed out of its way.

  12. Dov'e il Cavilliere Nero?

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