Friday, October 20, 2006

Fall: the enemies are near the borders

At last fall is here and the rain, sometimes, is the mate of the workouts. The choose is always hard: the "dreadmill" or the "water"? The dreadmill seldom wins because the temperature is never cold, so a good k-way and a hat help to enjoy the rain even if the people look at me as a crazy man. Yesterday this was the decision: f... the dreadmill!
This week the runs were:
Sunday: 30 km (18.6 ml) see the imagine;
Tuesday: 11.3 km (7.01 ml);
Thursday: 11.2 km (7 ml) under the rain;
Friday: 14 km (8.69 ml).
On Sunday the long workout will be only (???) 25 km (15.52 ml) waiting for the 33 km (20.5 ml) on Sunday 29th!
In this period the Black Knight Army, italian legion, is a little lazy. With the end of the summer every Knight minds on his own businness and this is a big mistake because the enemies are always ready to attack the kingdom. Barbarian hordes are waiting for challenging the Army inside our homeland (Civitavecchia half-marathon on Nov. 11) and cruel warriors from all over the world will be in Florence on Nov. 26 to defeat the Black Knight who will be alone to fight the Marathon battle.


  1. There will be no defeat! Only victory. Your training plan looks perfect.

  2. I have felt a little lazy lately indeed. I will be able to run fast though if there is an attack. I will test my speed tomorrow.

  3. That is impressive mileage, Black Knight! With that kind of training, you can not help but succeed. My friend AmyBee was in Florence last week; her first time in your beautiful country. I told her if she got to Rome to try to meet you, but she did not get to that area.

  4. A little rain never hurts. I think your training looks good, relax.

  5. way to go Sir Knight. Keep the running up!

  6. Those routes look pretty tough - Black Knight! Keep it up!

  7. the black knight is never lazy. he's just planning. sometimes plans are best created while meditating... and wooing the queen!
    (RSS didn't tell me you posted. not happy with RSS. please slay it!)