Friday, October 06, 2006

The Tribute

Training camps: People wonder why the local runners are usually faster than the others coming from the near cities. The answer is easy: the routes in Civitavecchia are very difficult with many uphills and downhills, so any workout is hard. If we want to run on flat roads, we have to go a bit outside the city limits where we have the chance to follow a speed session because of the dog's attacks (ask to Sir Giorgio for more informations). In the pictures you can see two different routes: 1) from my house to the beach (km. 11 - 6.8 ml) and a lap around Sir giorgio's house (km. 14 - 8.75 ml):
The road to the Florence Marathon: After the bronchitis the training is going well. Last saturday I ran 17.3 km. (10,74 ml), on sunday a relaxing 10 km, on tuesday a 10 km. tempo run and yesterday the 14 km (8.75 ml) of the garmin-scheme (scroll up). Tomorrow the long distance run is waiting for me: 25 km (15.5 ml) .

The lost races: The decision to go on to the marathon is hard because I cannot enter 2 nice 10 km races in my city on oct. 8 and 15th.

The blog: In the past I was not regular in writing my blog and to post the comments to the running friends. I am very busy because my life and my job are hectic, so I took the decision to update my blog every week-end.

The concert: On oct. 10th the boss Bruce Springsteen will be in Roma for a concert to celebrate the many victories of the Black Knight Army. The Black Knight and his son will be there to receive the tribute.


  1. How lucky "the boss" is to present the tribute to the BK !!

    What is happening with the BK's doubts? Run the marathon! Last time you missed it becuase of being sick, will you loose this chance too?

  2. Enjoy the tribute from the Bossman. It is well deserved.

  3. now i feel silly complaining about a few hills in a marathon.
    so roma has 7 hills and civitavecchia has what looks like scores of hills. do people do much rollerblading?

  4. Rock on Black Night! A tribute to the army from the boss - woohoo! At last suitable recognition!

  5. My legs hurt looking at those routes BK.

  6. Those hills are going to be so fun for you! They will make you a stronger Knight.

    The Boss is great, I have seen him many times.

    I say find a way to do the races!!

  7. LOL! Enjoy the concert and the tribute. I'm sure he'll be singing "Born to Run" just for you.

  8. The training is going well and the lost races are a small sacrifice for the main event.

    It is very fitting, that the boss plays tribute to you.

  9. It is good that you are recovering and that your will is strong sire.
    Enjoy the tribute of the singing minstrel :)