Monday, November 27, 2006

Firenze marathon 2006: the report

The legend. When the Black Knight arrived to Florence, noticed a dirty trick of the scared enemy. Instead of finding warriors in uniform, he was surrounded by a crowd of soldiers in civil suits so it was difficult for him to defeat easily the garrison. Moreover the Army of the city was enforced by many mercenaries from USA and France, for this reason he had to plan a search and destroy tactic.
The battle, under a shining sun, was bloody but after 3.46.35 Florence surrendered and now the black flags wave on Palazzo Vecchio! Today in Piazza della Signoria the devoted people are building the Black Knight’s statue not to forget his glorious victory!
Serious Report. 2689° of 6971 with a real time of 3.46.35.
The race was not easy because too much crowded and with many miles through narrow ancient streets. For example I ran the 1st km. in 06.40. A bad crises came at the 30° km. (18.6 ml) where I did a long stop to drink and to make pee pee. By the 30° km I stopped the run every 5 km to drink in order: water, tea and salt. The statistics of the crisis are evident: first half marathon in 1.47.18, second half in 1.59.17 where I covered the last 5 km in 30’09”!
By the way it was a race in progression because at the 5th km I was 3040°, 10th km. - 2987°, 15th km. - 2957°, half marathon - 2963°, 25th km. - 2917°, 30th km. - 2801°, 35th km. - 2757°, 40th km. - 2740° and 42,197th km. - 2689°.
Many runners from other countries entered the race, mainly French (in their honour, after the race, I wore the blue t-shirt of the Italia team). From USA there were a big group from Chicago (AIDS marathon training program group) and a battalion of airborne infantry in black armour!!!!! I had mercy because we were so similar: cut hair and black uniform!
The learnt lesson. I followed a wrong training schedule even if I had a stop in September for the flu. The main mistakes: I didn’t care to do speed-work sessions, I didn’t do workouts on uphills, 2 long distance runs of 30 and 33 km (18.6 and 20.5 miles) are not sufficient and the medium sessions had to be a little more longer.
The pictures? Very soon!!!!
New entry: To celebrate the wonderful victory we appoint Lady neese as Black Knight Army's Princess. Now we have 2 Princess!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Florence Marathon

The Black Knight is leaving for Florence. Good luck to all the friends who will race on the week end. The next post will be the report of the marathon.
Here is another picture of the Civitavecchia Half Marathon (the B.K. is the man in black armour).

Monday, November 20, 2006

Champion of Italy

The Civitavecchia Half Marathon was also valid as italian championship of the port operators. I did my race and I didn't care. After my arrival I took the usual t-shirt and I came back home. On monday the president of my running team made a call: "B.K. you are italian champion, please come here to receive the trophy that you didn't take on sunday after the race". I thought she was joking's true, I am the champion of the italian operators in my age group. A doubt: was I the only one????

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Civitavecchia Half Marathon

(The Black Knight on the left running the last km. of the Civitavecchia half marathon)
As Julius Caesar said: alea iacta sunt. Now I cannot come back, the people of Florence are waiting for the Black Knight arrival.
The Civitavecchia half marathon. On Sunday I ran the Civitavecchia half marathon in 1.45.36 (my prevision was 1.45.00) but it was not easy as I thought because I didn’t feel good on friday and saturday. I lost almost 60 second to “have a drink” at the 15° km. (9.3 ml). The rank was a shame: 808° of 1280 and 98° of 157 in my age group (M 50). Indeed the Black Knight was defeated but he said that it was only a training for the marathon. What a liar!
The training. This week the schedule expected 3 workouts of 15 km. (9.3 ml) and a recovery run of 10 km. (6.2 ml). In the last week, the next, I will make only 2 workouts before the marathon: 10 km (6.2 ml) on tuesday and 5 km. (3.1 ml) on friday.
On Saturday 25th will start the siege of Florence, any advice?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A good week

The lottery. The week began very well, I won the lottery but, what a pity, I did not become rich because I guessed only 3 numbers of 6. Now the Black Knight has 14 euro more to spend! For your information: 3 numbers win 14 euro, 4 numbers 626 euro, 5 numbers 91346 euro and 6 numbers 822.110 euro!!!!! 1 euro = 1.3 $ Rugby at last! On Saturday the Black Knight and his son will go to watch the rugby test match Italia – Australia in Rome. The Australian rugby federation decided to play in Roma to have the honour to know the Black Knight in person. He is very busy but he will be so kind to receive the Aussie team’s homage.
Photos: New pictures are downloaded. Clicking on "photos" now it’s possible to see all the Black Knight's running story from the “age of the stone” until now.
Running: The countdown for the Florence marathon is going on and the tapering is a nice reality. The 4 workouts were consisted of 25 km (15.5 ml) sunday, 14.1 km (8.75 ml) tuesday, 16.1 km (10 ml) thursday and 13 km (8.07 ml) today.
On Sunday the Black Knight and part of the italian legion will enter the half marathon of Civitavecchia.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Why running is my favourite sport

The beginning: One day I had a look at the mirror and I asked to myself: which sport do you prefer? I liked rugby and running. As I don't have the appropriate body for the rugby, after a reflection on the other sports, I decided: running! In this way began the legend of the Black Knight!
Present time: I think that this was the worst week during the training for the Florence Marathon. The 33 km. (20.5 ml) of sunday left me sore and tired. I had to rest for 2 days. For this reason I didn't push in the other 3 workouts of 12, 11 and 8.6 km. (7.45, 6.83 and 5.34 ml).
After the 25 km. (15.5 ml) of tomorrow the other 3 workouts of the week will be very demanding.
On Sunday 12 I will do a test in my home-city entering the Civitavecchia half marathon. For me it will be only a training. I think to finish in 1h 45' without pushing at all.