Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Civitavecchia Half Marathon

(The Black Knight on the left running the last km. of the Civitavecchia half marathon)
As Julius Caesar said: alea iacta sunt. Now I cannot come back, the people of Florence are waiting for the Black Knight arrival.
The Civitavecchia half marathon. On Sunday I ran the Civitavecchia half marathon in 1.45.36 (my prevision was 1.45.00) but it was not easy as I thought because I didn’t feel good on friday and saturday. I lost almost 60 second to “have a drink” at the 15° km. (9.3 ml). The rank was a shame: 808° of 1280 and 98° of 157 in my age group (M 50). Indeed the Black Knight was defeated but he said that it was only a training for the marathon. What a liar!
The training. This week the schedule expected 3 workouts of 15 km. (9.3 ml) and a recovery run of 10 km. (6.2 ml). In the last week, the next, I will make only 2 workouts before the marathon: 10 km (6.2 ml) on tuesday and 5 km. (3.1 ml) on friday.
On Saturday 25th will start the siege of Florence, any advice?


  1. oh...
    don't let yourself feel defeated. it was a training run. you shouldn't go all out now. not in my opinion. just log in the hours and let the marathon be when you push it. those pansies of florence will have no idea what hit them.

    watch out for the medici runners. they're cunning. no match for you, but not an ethical mob.

  2. hey wait... that was IHateToast posting. i didn't pay any attention. good thing i didn't write something like, "hey hotbuns!"

    but i'm too lazy to log him out.

  3. You finished, your not injured and you were close to your PR. Think with the time zone change you finished your race before I did. I still think the Black Knight rules!

  4. Vai Bravo Cav Nero!

    You are merely fooling the enemy now.At Fiorenze the war will be won and you can return to the throne.

    Fight hard and make us proud!

  5. Go out sloooow and build over the first three miles! Easy to say and very hard to do! Run Good!

  6. 1:45 is a good time for an off day. Wait till you're in the mood to really run!

    The "Why Running is My Favourite Sport" photos are absolutely hilarious.

    (If I joined the Black Knight Army, I'd probably be dinner.)

  7. it is me this time .... i was confused at my comments .. when i had not commented at all .... the advise:

    now is the time to train your thoughts ... they must be positive ..... there is no more work to be done on the physical side ... you will run ... you will work ..... you will be lifting and stretch your strides as you run ...... you have done the work ..... the marathon does not run itself and you must be concentrating on maintaining an evn workload ..... you will triumph

  8. could i be principessa neese? :o)

    congrats on a fantastic finish time!

  9. A Firenze si deve mangiare all'Osteria dei Benci!

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