Saturday, December 30, 2006


Another year has gone and many things happened in my running life.
One year ago, at the end of the 2005, I wrote the first post and the Black Knight became “international”. He “was born” in summer when Gianni, during the usual run from our houses to the beach said: “Do you know the joke of the Black Knight”? We spent all the workout laughing and screaming: “Don’t piss off the Black Knight”.
Here you can listen the joke, it is in italian but it’s funny to follow the way of telling and the slang.
You can read the translation on the top of my blog.
By that warm summer morning the Black Knight’s epos began. The 5 usual friends became the italian legion and when possible run and have dinner together. Very soon we will put the tricolour of the italian flag on the black t-shirts because by unbealivable, lucky and pure chance I became the port operators’ italian champion of half marathon in my age group (nov. 11).
Now I have also the blogger’s friends and I hope that one day we will be able to meet each others somewhere. Thank you for your friendship, your comments and your e-mails.
Mileage: km. 2559 (1589,4 ml) despite the post-marathon troubles.
Races: n° 10:
- 3 half marathon: 1.40.55 – 1.45.08 – 1.45.36 (PB 1.31.58 in 1991);
- 1 marathon: 3.46.32 (PB 3.34.09 in 1991);
- and other 6 races between 22,6 km (14 ml) and 5 km.
- the marathon 15 years after the last one;
- port operators’ italian champion of half marathon in my age group;
- the loots in the period april-may.
- the delusion for the failure during the training for the Rome marathon because of the flu;
- the pain on the knee after the Florence marathon but I learnt an important lesson, now I know what I have to do to prepare another marathon
New Entry: Sir Pat joined the Black Knight Army, he will be Sir Pat: desert defender.
Happy New Year!!!!


  1. Happy New Year Black Knight. I hope your knee will soon be better and you can resume battle. I would be delighted to join your army.

  2. Happy New Year to the Black Knight. You ran a lot of miles!

    Here's to nothing but GOOD miles in 2007!

  3. Happy New Year and I am glad you took the blog international. I wish you a productive and plentiful 2007.

  4. Welcome Sir Pat! Don't look a camel in the eye! Run Good!

  5. Happy New Year!!!!

  6. Felice 2007!

    I need to find a role in your army?

    Maybe something to boost army morale? I'm a singer and actor, you know. (Or didn't you know?)

    The Black Knight Army Minstrel of Morale? Except I can't play any musical instruments...
    except kazoo, maybe.
    Or the triangle.

  7. Many more years for the black knight! Here is to many victories in 2007!

  8. Happy New Year, Black Knight! More conquests for 2007!

  9. That was a lucky day, when the BK was born... now I am just wondering when will I join the army?? What do I need for it??

    Happy new year I also hope to meet you someday :D

  10. Here's to more fabulous races in 2007. Happy New Year, Black Night!

  11. Thankyou and happy new year to you too. Sounds like a good year overall. You may have courageously lost a couple of battles, but you valiantly won the war.

  12. Sir Knight, here is to a great new year to you and the the army (and navy) of the the Black Knight.

  13. Happy New Year Stefano!! :o)

  14. Congratulations on being the Italian Champion for the Half-Marathon for your age group! That is quite a feat. Happy New Year and I look forward to running through the blogosphere with you in 2007.

  15. What good is my damn Norweagian Border! She was no help with that joke! But I liked to listen to the language.

  16. That you for your encouragement and wonderful sense of humor, too. They've certainly brightened my days.

  17. Happy New Year!

    THank you so much for your kind words of encouragement! I will be back and in contact much more in 2007!

    Here's to a Happy and Healthy New Year!

  18. Happy New Year BN. Best of luck with your 2007 goals! Thanks so much for reading my blog.

  19. Have a good and successful 2007!

  20. i've truly enjoyed reading about teh black knight.
    i do miss something. not as many scary photos of black knights. you have to bring those back!
    happy new year!

  21. HNY Black Night- may the army's conquests be great and the celebrations greater!

  22. i tried to count the victories of the army for the year and the many marathons across the world ... there were too many .... congratulations on your recruits and joy and humour you have bought us .... hopefully one day we will be able to meet and run together

  23. Happy New Year!! Next year, in Florence!