Monday, December 04, 2006

After the marathon

One week has gone after the marathon and the organization published the definitive results with some adjustments. For example, as my watch said, I finished 3 seconds before.
Official time: 3.47.59 – Chip time: 3.46.32
General results: 2689° of 6971
Men: 2493° of 5289
Age group: 272° of 666
I took 6 days off to recover and yesterday I tried to train but, after 9.5 km (5.9 ml), I had to stop the run because of a pain on my right knee. Now the plan is to run every other day for 40/45 minutes until the pain will disappear.
Here are 2 pictures, the others will come……..


  1. I think I can spot you in the second picture. You're next to the word "Stud. 10"

    Hope the knee gets better. Rat's blood is an ancient medieval remedy!

  2. I wear the "black armour". In the first picture I am under the "U" and in the second my head is between the "T" and "U".

  3. You placed well! Congratulations.

  4. Yes, you are a legend!
    Hard to find you in the photos. We will have to wait for more!

    You have always so nice ideas! Are most of the italians nice and funny like you??

  5. IN answer to your comment: I don't think knee pain is normal after a marathon. This is the first time for me. Perhaps it was all the downhills (not sure) or all the pavement pounding leading up to and during the marathon. Who knows. Good luck during recovery and be careful BK!

  6. Knee pain is not normal, but not surprising either. Take it easy and get back up to speed carefully.

  7. Take care with that knee. Better to be cautious and take you time returning to running rather than run too soon and risk doing more damage to the knee.

    ps I'm good at giving advice but terrible at following my own advice!

  8. Yes, I see the word STUD, too! That must be you.

    Great place! And boo on the knee. One thing I learned running in Sevilla: running on cobblestones HURTS!

  9. I feel like I am having to stare through a bad porn movie to see the action!

    Still great placement and you finished top 3rd of the age group!

  10. You look great! Now take good care of that knee!

  11. There were 666 runners in your age group... scary!!! And the enemies have put big words over your pictures so as to hide your astounding victory... will they never learn? The Black Knight will not be defeated!!

    Take it easy on that knee... give the bod a little R&R. :)

  12. aw man... i'm reading out of order, so i know the knee pain has left, but be careful.
    that looked like fun though. i love the finish. not just because i'm done, but because we're all done and so happy to be there.