Thursday, December 27, 2007

A 2007 to forget

2007 is a year to forget for all the problems I had to face. The last is the boring fact that I cannot post by Explorer and the only way is to use the Mac system by another pc, but it is impossible to create the links. I tried following the instructions and sending an e-mail to everything pointless! Any suggestion to fix Explorer?
The balance:
Mileage: 1221,1 (758.4 ml) until sept. 18th, day of the incident. The mileage was low because in the first part of the year I suffered of a bursitis as consequence of the Florence marathon. In the same period of the 2006 I ran 1903 km (1182 ml).
Races: only 4 and with a pace slower than my usual for the bursitis. Faster 4.39/km, slower 4.53/km. In 2006, in the same distances the paces were 4.26/km and 4.38/km.
The leg: At last, after the check, the doctor said that I can start to walk without the crutch. Slowly, and step by step, I must learn to walk again. Perhaps I will be able to run a little in early march.
At the moment I swim as long as I can and I walk all around the city waiting for the magic day when I will run for the first time after the incident.
This is my last post of the year so I wish a wonderful and happy new year to all of you. Ciao!!!!

(A memory: when the Black Knight was in the Coast Guard)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Happy Christmas

The Black Knight gets well day after day even if he needs a lot of time to recover. He works hard in the swimming pool and with the physiotherapyst to rebuild the muscles of the legs. Moreover he walks every day for not less than one hour: at last with only one crutch! It is difficult not to run and he misses the races and the workouts with the italian Black Legion.
The next medical check will be on the Christmas Eve and he hopes to begin to walk without the crutch: crossing the fingers.
In the course of a few days all the world knew of the incident and many Barbarian Tribes tried to attack the Black Knight kingdom but as you can see in the picture the fearless leader fought with only his good leg destroying the enemies! They didn’t learn not to piss off the Black Knight!
Happy Christmas!!!!!!

Monday, November 05, 2007


In the long run the Black Knight succeeds in walking faster by the crutches and in bending the knee. He can drive and go out alone.
Unfortunately last Monday, at the first monthly check, the orthopaedic surgeon said that the leg improves but the fractures are “very ugly” (see the picture) and for this reason I must use for another month both the crutches. However, to help to rebuild the weak muscles of my left leg, I swim 45 minutes every other day and this is a good news because I suffer to live a sedentary life.
When will I be able to run? At the moment it is also difficult to say when I can walk, the leg is full of “hardware” that I will have to remove the next year by another surgery.
In this difficult moment, the enemy is at the borders trying to attack the Black Kingdom with the awareness that the fearless leader is injuried. But the proud coward army doesn’t know that the international Black Knight Army is always stronger, angry and ready to fight everywhere.
Now another brave Knight strenghtens the group, he is Sir Peter our outpost sentry!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Surgery

Thank you my dear friends for all the e-mails and the posts of support that I received after my incident.
As you know last monday I got home after 13 days in the hospital to rebuild my thigh bone broken in 2 parts with pieces everywhere. The surgery was difficult and 3 hours long, after it I had many complications: temperature, anaemia (I needed 5 transfusions), colitis and an inflammation of the bladder for the catheter.
How happened? I was coming back from work and, as usual, I was parking my scooter before taking the keys to enter the garage but..... I made a mistake, I didn’t block it very well and it fell on me. Because of the fall and the weight of the scooter I got the fractures. The pain was terrible, ferociuos, unbealivable.
Now I am home weak and with pain everywhere. I must use crutches to “learn” to walk but, until the end of october, without pushing on the injuried leg.
Now I am too tired to post and comment, so I will be far from Blogland for a while, but as soon as possible I come back, because I want to keep in touch with all of you.
Thank you again my dear friends. See you soon.......and I will run again. The Black Knight doesn’t surrender.

Monday, September 17, 2007

The Ambush

THE TRAINING: The second week of training for the Florence Marathon has gone. I feel again the long workouts as a tough challenge but I got an advice from RW: during the long distance runs, have a short break walking for a while.
Last Saturday I did it for a total of 2 minutes after 22 km. (13.6 ml) but I stopped the Garmin to run the whole programmed 25 km (15.5 ml).
THE RACE: The day after, despite the tiredness, I entered a race only to escort my son Paolo at his first official event as “professional runner” in an official competitive event. The race, here in our city, was a nightmare. The enemy chose a battlefield full of steep uphill (see the diagram) to better escape.

There were many tricks to deceive the glorious Black Knight Army enforced also by Sir Giorgio: the water was in the opposite road, too often the cars were allowed to pass and there were no marks to indicate the 8.1 km (5.03 ml). From left: Paolo, the Black Knight and Sir Giorgio.

The final ambush was very bloody and unfair: for an unbelievable lucky case the Black Knight arrived 5th in his age group (50-55 y.o.) but a coward unknown enemy stole his prize! He didn’t care to compete because his only goal was to help the son running shoulder to shoulder.
Paolo finished a good first official race even if he began a little slowly despite my advice. His final time was 42.49, not so bad considering the difficult path and the first experience. He was the last in his age group (25-30 y.o.) but the other 8 arrived in the first pack of 15 runners.
THE NEW ENTRY: The Black Knight Army is always stronger and numerous. A new brave warrior joined the Army: Sir scott keeps running will be our weatherman.
Happy running and enjoy the Rugby World Cup!!!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

The marathon

The Marathon. The time has come and now the training must become serious without any break. This is the program to run again the Florence Marathon under the 4 hours and, if possible, a little bit faster than the last year when I finished in 3.46.32.
In the schedule I didn't include the speed-works because they are pointless for my goal. In this period, before the marathon, I will only enter 2 half marathons: Montalto (oct. 7) and Civitavecchia (nov. 11).
The battle will be hard and bloody, the enemy Army is strong of 8000 soldiers from all over the world. The Black Knight is calling his knights and amazons for a little help to destroy the garrison of Florence: who will come to defend the Black Army honour? The italian legion will not be present because they must watch over our borders while their fearless leader fights for the glory. Rumors say that the women of Florence are preparing white flags to surrender as soon as possible.
The training. August was not a good month for the training because of the bronchitis. I could run only 139 km. (86,3 ml). I hope in a better september.
Surfing the web. After one year, surfing the web, I have found a pictures of the 12k in Tarquinia. Here you can see the Black Knight, hidden inside a red armour, running the last metres.
Happy running!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


(The B.K. and the Queen on the camels in the Sahara desert)
(At the edge of the Etna mountain in Sicily)
(What does it mean?)
Training: august began very well with good trainings. Despite the hot weather I also succeeded in running 2 long (18 km. – 11.2 ml) and 2 speed sessions (10 k). Everything went well waiting for the start of the Florence marathon program by sept. 3rd but I was not lucky because during my vacation on the cruise ship Costa Victoria, I felt bad before with a sore throat and after with a bronchitis. The day of the landing I had temperature, cough, ulcers on the tongue and pain everywhere. Now I am at home sick and I don’t know when I will be able to run again.

The cruise: The port of calls were Catania, Tunis, Gabes, Tripoli and Malta. On the ships there are 2 jogging tracks and 3 treadmills; the best is on the 6th deck, mainly in the shadow, 450 metres long (0.28 ml). The first day I ran 10 km on that track in 50 minutes, it is not possible to run faster because there is no moquette and the floor is always partially wet. That was my last workout before my illness. Here are some pictures of the trip.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Aussie legion and the rising

The rising: At last a good month with a reasonable mileage (190 km /118 ml) and a couple of tempo runs, despite 5 days of stop in a row due to the trip through Tuscany and Umbria. On July 7th the Black Knight and Sir Giorgio entered the Bolsena 10k night run. They didn’t know the path and it was a real surprise because of an impossible uphill and a more impossible downhill with part of the race trough the narrow streets of the town. For this reason we only met “top runners”. The score was terrible: the Black Knight 48’51” (4’53”/km – 7' 51"/ml) and 169° of 216 (21° of 28 in the age group); Sir Giorgio 167° (27° of 29 in the age group) and 2 seconds less.
Indeed the time was not so bad because every runner finished with a time 3 minutes higher than the usual with many complaints for the difficult path and the organization, for example: postponed departure, only one person to distribute the water during the race and no more drinks at the the end.

(Passignano on the Trasimeno lake)

(The Black Knight plans new battle strategies)

(Isle Maggiore on the Trasimeno Lake)

The Aussie Legion: The Black Knight and Sir Giorgio received the much appreciated visit of strewth, CJ and their husbands. Unfortunately they could only stay few hours but we had the time to enjoy a dinner all together in a typical italian restaurant on the hills. I hope that the next time we will have the chance to run through the Black Knight’s kingdom: the plotter subjectsmust not forget the might of the international Black Knight Army.

Saturday, June 30, 2007


Training: Another difficult month with many problems. I could not follow any program and the workouts were only an improvisation of the moment: no tempo runs, no speed-works, no long sessions, no races. The monthly mileage was a poor 136.2 km. (84.6 ml). In the first 6 months I ran 760,6 km. (472.4 ml); last year, in the same period, 1341.1 km. (833 ml.)! That is to say only the 56,7%!!!!!
The future: Rumours said that the Black Knight would have not fought anymore and many

(the Black Knight announces that he is back!)

barbarians tribes marched to the borders of the Black Knight Kingdom. What a bloody mistake!

(the B.K. - 1st from right - during the press conference about his participation to the marathon)

From all over the world the Black Knight legions are coming to help the fearless leader: lady Dori came with her invincible slave Dave (thanks Dori for your kind and nice post!). In 2 weeks will come lady CJ escorted by other 3 terrible Black Knights.

(the Bolsena castle)

Moreover the italian legion, on July 7th, will enter the Bolsena 10 km. night run to frighten again all the stupid enemies who thought to piss off the Black Knight. This is the last picture of a beautiful castle, the next will only show ruins! They don't succeed in learning the lesson. By the way the Black Knight signed up for the next Florence Marathon on Nov. 25.

Have a wonderful summer full of victories!!! (from left: Dave, Dori, Daniela, Stefano)

Next update: early August.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

The wedding and the visit

Training: The bursitis is not over but the pain is very low; however not to risk I decided to begin a serious program of cross training: run-bike-run-bike-run-rest and so on. It was a wrong decision because, due to the saddle, I had a very painful prostatic inflammation: other 9 days of stop and a strong cure. At the moment the bike is into the garage and I am finding an anatomic saddle to solve the problem before coming back to ride it.
Last year in the first 5 months I ran 1143 km. (710 ml) and finished 7 races; this year only 624 km. (387,5 ml) and 3 races! A very unlucky 2007 for running.
Race: With only 9 relaxing workouts (max mileage 11.5 km. – 7.1 ml) the Black Knight entered a race of 9.4 km (5,8 ml) in Montalto di Castro inside the electrical farm: a futuristic landscape in the middle of gigantic generators. He was wise and shrewd, he could not waste his reputation of invincible leader of an invincible army, so he disguised himself as an errant knight wearing an anonimous red armour instead of the glorious black one. He didn’t want to force the pace not to risk an injury. The race was a tragedy: 9.4 km. (5.8 ml) in 45’32” (4’50”/km – 7’47”/ml) without smoking any runner! 94° of 114 and 12° of 15 in the age group.

The wedding: But the month of may was wonderful because the Black Knight’s son got married with a blonde princess: both 27 years old. It was a great celebration and all the Black Knight family is happy. For the important event the fearless leader gave freedom to all the prisoners of war!

(Black Knight family)

The visit: The Black Knight and his gracious Queen received the much appreciated visit of Dori and her husband Dave. They are both very kind and nice persons. We spent 2 days together and the Black Knight had the honour to run for 1h and 5 minutes with Lady Dori under a heavy rain: she is a very good runner, fast and tough. Dave escorted the Lady and the Knight riding a war-bike. The scared enemies remained hidden in their refuges.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

April 2007

(The group before the race)
The month of april was not so good. After a good period of training without problems into the knee, perhaps the bursitis is over (crossing the fingers), the Black Knight escorted by Sir Giorgio and Long Joe marched to the battlefield proud of his Army.
The race was the Vivicittà, a 12 km (7,45 ml) run at the same time in many cities all over the world and the battle plan was not very ambitious: to finish in 56 minutes, that is to say 14 minutes every lap where we have to "defeat" 4 incredible uphills.
The Black Knight and Sir Giorgio were very regular and finished shoulder to shoulder in 55.48 (4’39”/km – 7’29”/ml) but, what a surprise, the final score was a delusion: 113° of 162 and 14 of 21 in the age group (Sir Giorgio 24 of 33). It means that 4’39/km, in this city, is a very slow pace.
The day after the Black Knight felt very bad and spent 7 days in the bed for a terrible flu, moreover he had to rest other 7 days to recover.
The mileage of april was only 116 km (72 ml).
Happy running!!!!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Ultimate Post

I have thought a lot before writing this post. I had to decide if this could be the last or not. I took all the time to reflect because my life has become very hectic: new responsabilities at work keep me very busy.
You can have an idea on
Here is a presentation of mine:
It is a pleasure to keep in touch with the blogger friends writing posts, comments and exchanging e-mails. It is important for me your kind support, friendship and humour. Moreover in the future I will have the honour to run with some of you somewhere in Italy.
For these reasons I prefer not to have a very long break but meanwhile I cannot often post/comment so I will update monthly the news (the 1st or the 2nd day) and I will comment your blog as I can.
See you on the battlefields. The Black Knight doesn’t surrender.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Defeat

After 3 and half months the Black Knight came back to the battlefield to make a test after the post-marathon problems.
Because of the bursitis into his right knee he could not anymore follow a schedule with long distance runs and the recent flu completed the bad period. Not to get out of shape he bought a new Bottecchia bike (the big one) to alternate run and cycling.
So in a windy and unusual cold morning he was ready at the start of the Ladispoli 10km escorted only by the injuried Long Joe (his final time 54.57). The race is easy, almost flat, with many hairpinn bends and part through the country.
The Black Knight didn’t succeed in fighting because his legs were not reactive after all this time far from the battlefields. For this reason he decided to run all the race with a regular pace without caring of the other runners.
The final time was 47’05” (4’42”/km – 7’34” ml).
471° of 888 and 54° of 111 in the age group (MM 50).
The split km per km: 4.28 – 4.36 – 4.45 – 4.48 – 4.34 – 4.48 – 4.50 – 4.46 – 4.44 – 4.45.

Monday, February 26, 2007

The Flu

The Black Knight is back. The evil enemy in London made a spell that sent the fearless leader of the italian legion to his bed of pain with a bad flu. Indeed it happened because he went to run at 07.00 a.m. with an unusual weather for him.
Running. This was not a good month for my runs, only 77.2 km (47,9 ml), because of the troubles: pain into the knee and the flu. However I learned to enjoy the cross training, riding a bike and lifting weight. The last 5 days were not so bad: 3 workouts of 11.6 km (7,2 ml), 11.6 km (7,2 ml) and a hilly 10.8 km (6.7 ml) plus 2 "raids" by mountain bike of 20 km (12,4 ml). All of them easy and without pain: crossing my fingers. However I need a new bike, this one is old and heavy.
Rugby. The happiness for the easy workouts was confirmed because the historic triumph against Scotland at Murrayfield on Saturday. The first 6 nations italian victory away from home: Scotland - Italy: 17 -37!!!!!

The Battlefield. On march 11st the evil enemy will be in Ladispoli to conquer the city during a 10k. They don't know that the Black Knight is waiting for defeating the coward legions. After many troubles and 3 and half months far from the races the goal is a final time around 47 minutes. I know it is a little slow but I didn't make anymore speed works and long distance runs.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Post n° 100!!!!

This is the 100° post of the Black Knight and all the Legions are free to celebrate in the most appropriated way.
Rugby. The Black Knight and his son got home last night from England where they could see a good match. Italy was defeated but with honour. True: the tv before the match, during the anthems, showed Prince Henry and after the Black Knight!!!! Really! I received many phone calls because the subjects recognized their fearless leader! However the Black Knight is angry and he doesn't understand why he was second!!!
Running. The Black Knight was guest in a hotel near Tottenham Court Road so he made 2 raids of 1 hour in the centre of London, running through the famous Oxford Street, Carnaby Street, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square, near the Big Ben and the House of Parliament and along the River Thames. This time he weared the blue armour of the Italian Navy running team. I don't know if the knee hurts because, for the moment, I run and bike for no more than 60 minutes.

Friday, February 02, 2007

The new strategy

It's hard to run without a goal, but this is the situation of the moment because of the pain into the knee. The program goes on: to alternate running and cycling with one day off every week. However I think that I can focus the training for some 10k, it depends by the next tests on the speed sessions.
In this picture the press conference where the Black Knight announces his strategy on the 10k:
Here the Black Knight talks about the tactics to defend the city by the enemy attacks:
In the photo link there are some pictures of the Florence Marathon.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Six Nations

Running: Not much to say about the running activity, I am following the physiotherapist's advices: a workout every other day for no more than 60 minutes, better if on the treadmill, with ice before and after the training. For the moment I have to forget the long distance runs and the idea to enter a half marathon, because the bursitis has a long recover. To stay in shape I decided to ride the bike for 60 minutes on the day off.
Rugby: The time has come, on saturday the 6Nations will begin and the Black Knight has all the tickets for the matches in Italy and for the event in London! What a pity he cannot play in the italian team because this stupid injury!
The legend. The Black Knight Army is always more a legend. Moovies, books and comics talk of it.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tagged and injured

Lady Anne tagged me and it is a pleasure to reply:
1. Find the nearest book
2. Name the book and the author
3. Turn to pag. 123
4. Go to the fifth sentence on the page. Copy out the three next sentences and post to your blog
5. Tag three more folks
Dear blogger friends, I am sorry but I am Italian and I read books in Italian language. I hope you will be able to translate. However this is a book about the Etruscan people.
La Civiltà Etrusca by Werner Keller.
Sorgono edifici pubblici e templi: ai piedi del Palatino la domus regia, la casa culturale del re e dei sommi sacerdoti, e il tempio di Vesta, a pianta circolare. Le parti in legno vengono ornate di terracotte variopinte a figure e motivi ornamentali. Presso al fiume, vicino al punto di traghetto, sorge una seconda grande piazza dove, come già fra il Campidoglio e il Palatino, vengono spianate le capanne esistenti.
THE INJURY. I was wrong, my knee has a problem. I went out for a long distance run but after 1 hour I felt a pain into the knee and after 90 minutes it became very strong. I stopped myself and I went to a physiotherapist. It was not easy to find the exact place because it only hurts after many minutes of efforts but at last, pushing his finger under the knee, he said: this is the problem! What a pain! Well, the marathon damaged a bag under the tendon of the knee and now I don’t have anymore the right lubrication (sorry for the terrible explanation but I am not a doctor!). The cure is to run on the treadmill for no more than 1 hour every other day for one month and ice before and after the work.. However I can ride a bike.
THE GOALS. The only goal is to recover the injury. No race and no specific training. In England there are many celebrations and people are happy because the Black Knight will not run the Mornington Chasers Regents Park Winter 10 k race.
THE LEGEND. The Black Knight Army is always a legend. Movies, books and comics talk of it.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ready for new adventures

TRAINING. The last tests said that the at last the knee is ok, so the Black Knight can begin an appropriate training program. To run every other day a distance between 10 k (6.2 ml) and 13.3 k (8.2 ml) without speed and long sessions helped to recover the injury (crossing the fingers).
THE FIRST GOAL. At the moment the main goal is the Roma-Ostia Half Marathon on Feb. 25th, the first in Italy for participants. To start without wasting many minutes, there are the final expecting times gates: until the 1h50’ you can enter a gate, if not you must wait in the back of the pack with the crowd. Last year I didn’t have a “credit”, so I had to arrive 1 hour before to get a good place beyond the gates but, for this one, I have the right to a “comfortable” place inside the 1.40 gate; it means that I can arrive 10 minutes before the start.
THE NEXT CONQUEST. The Black Knight is a supporter of the Italian Rugby team and he will go, with his son, to London to watch the rugby match England-Italy on February 3rd. The trainer begged the Black Knight to play with the Italian team but he rejected the proposal because the other players want to play the game with the usual “azzurre” (blue) shirts instead of the famous and invincible black armour. The English team is happy not to meet the terrible warrior in the rugby field of Twickenham but England is not safe because on February 4th the Black Knight will run the Mornington Chasers Regents Park Winter 10 k race and there will be a slaughter of enemies.
THE NEW ENTRY. Always more warriors run to find protection under the Black Knight Army’s flags. The New Entry is Lady IHateToast and her role is “purple maker”.
THE LEGEND. The Black Knight Army is already a legens. Movies, books and comics talk of it.

Friday, January 05, 2007

2007 Running Goals

Races: To enter not less than 10 races included 3 half marathons (with at least 1 sub 1.40) and the Florence Marathon under the 3h 45’.
Blog: One post every week. The Black Knight cannot write more because he is too busy to defend the animals and the borders, to rule the kingdom, to conquer new lands, to give freedom to the oppressed and to console the widows of the brave passed warriors (but not in the way you think because the gracious Queen is too jealous and I am in love again).
The Army: Now the Black Knight Army is imposing, we are 27 warriors (ladies and gentlemen) and 2 scouts (brave dogs); see the list on the right part of the blog. Now the time has come: the Black Committee decided to constitute 3 legions, in alphabetical order: American, Australian and European.
Sir iliketoast had a great idea: to count the victories of the Army for the year and the many marathons across the world. Please, if you like, send me the data and I will do a summary of the glory!
The last but not the least, Lady IHateToast asked for some pictures like these and I follow the order:

New Entries: The Black Committee is glad to announce the 3 new entries: Lady Hilda: amazon, Lady Lulu: amazon and Lady *Jeanne*: minstrel of morale .