Sunday, January 28, 2007

Six Nations

Running: Not much to say about the running activity, I am following the physiotherapist's advices: a workout every other day for no more than 60 minutes, better if on the treadmill, with ice before and after the training. For the moment I have to forget the long distance runs and the idea to enter a half marathon, because the bursitis has a long recover. To stay in shape I decided to ride the bike for 60 minutes on the day off.
Rugby: The time has come, on saturday the 6Nations will begin and the Black Knight has all the tickets for the matches in Italy and for the event in London! What a pity he cannot play in the italian team because this stupid injury!
The legend. The Black Knight Army is always more a legend. Moovies, books and comics talk of it.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tagged and injured

Lady Anne tagged me and it is a pleasure to reply:
1. Find the nearest book
2. Name the book and the author
3. Turn to pag. 123
4. Go to the fifth sentence on the page. Copy out the three next sentences and post to your blog
5. Tag three more folks
Dear blogger friends, I am sorry but I am Italian and I read books in Italian language. I hope you will be able to translate. However this is a book about the Etruscan people.
La Civiltà Etrusca by Werner Keller.
Sorgono edifici pubblici e templi: ai piedi del Palatino la domus regia, la casa culturale del re e dei sommi sacerdoti, e il tempio di Vesta, a pianta circolare. Le parti in legno vengono ornate di terracotte variopinte a figure e motivi ornamentali. Presso al fiume, vicino al punto di traghetto, sorge una seconda grande piazza dove, come già fra il Campidoglio e il Palatino, vengono spianate le capanne esistenti.
THE INJURY. I was wrong, my knee has a problem. I went out for a long distance run but after 1 hour I felt a pain into the knee and after 90 minutes it became very strong. I stopped myself and I went to a physiotherapist. It was not easy to find the exact place because it only hurts after many minutes of efforts but at last, pushing his finger under the knee, he said: this is the problem! What a pain! Well, the marathon damaged a bag under the tendon of the knee and now I don’t have anymore the right lubrication (sorry for the terrible explanation but I am not a doctor!). The cure is to run on the treadmill for no more than 1 hour every other day for one month and ice before and after the work.. However I can ride a bike.
THE GOALS. The only goal is to recover the injury. No race and no specific training. In England there are many celebrations and people are happy because the Black Knight will not run the Mornington Chasers Regents Park Winter 10 k race.
THE LEGEND. The Black Knight Army is always a legend. Movies, books and comics talk of it.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ready for new adventures

TRAINING. The last tests said that the at last the knee is ok, so the Black Knight can begin an appropriate training program. To run every other day a distance between 10 k (6.2 ml) and 13.3 k (8.2 ml) without speed and long sessions helped to recover the injury (crossing the fingers).
THE FIRST GOAL. At the moment the main goal is the Roma-Ostia Half Marathon on Feb. 25th, the first in Italy for participants. To start without wasting many minutes, there are the final expecting times gates: until the 1h50’ you can enter a gate, if not you must wait in the back of the pack with the crowd. Last year I didn’t have a “credit”, so I had to arrive 1 hour before to get a good place beyond the gates but, for this one, I have the right to a “comfortable” place inside the 1.40 gate; it means that I can arrive 10 minutes before the start.
THE NEXT CONQUEST. The Black Knight is a supporter of the Italian Rugby team and he will go, with his son, to London to watch the rugby match England-Italy on February 3rd. The trainer begged the Black Knight to play with the Italian team but he rejected the proposal because the other players want to play the game with the usual “azzurre” (blue) shirts instead of the famous and invincible black armour. The English team is happy not to meet the terrible warrior in the rugby field of Twickenham but England is not safe because on February 4th the Black Knight will run the Mornington Chasers Regents Park Winter 10 k race and there will be a slaughter of enemies.
THE NEW ENTRY. Always more warriors run to find protection under the Black Knight Army’s flags. The New Entry is Lady IHateToast and her role is “purple maker”.
THE LEGEND. The Black Knight Army is already a legens. Movies, books and comics talk of it.

Friday, January 05, 2007

2007 Running Goals

Races: To enter not less than 10 races included 3 half marathons (with at least 1 sub 1.40) and the Florence Marathon under the 3h 45’.
Blog: One post every week. The Black Knight cannot write more because he is too busy to defend the animals and the borders, to rule the kingdom, to conquer new lands, to give freedom to the oppressed and to console the widows of the brave passed warriors (but not in the way you think because the gracious Queen is too jealous and I am in love again).
The Army: Now the Black Knight Army is imposing, we are 27 warriors (ladies and gentlemen) and 2 scouts (brave dogs); see the list on the right part of the blog. Now the time has come: the Black Committee decided to constitute 3 legions, in alphabetical order: American, Australian and European.
Sir iliketoast had a great idea: to count the victories of the Army for the year and the many marathons across the world. Please, if you like, send me the data and I will do a summary of the glory!
The last but not the least, Lady IHateToast asked for some pictures like these and I follow the order:

New Entries: The Black Committee is glad to announce the 3 new entries: Lady Hilda: amazon, Lady Lulu: amazon and Lady *Jeanne*: minstrel of morale .