Monday, February 26, 2007

The Flu

The Black Knight is back. The evil enemy in London made a spell that sent the fearless leader of the italian legion to his bed of pain with a bad flu. Indeed it happened because he went to run at 07.00 a.m. with an unusual weather for him.
Running. This was not a good month for my runs, only 77.2 km (47,9 ml), because of the troubles: pain into the knee and the flu. However I learned to enjoy the cross training, riding a bike and lifting weight. The last 5 days were not so bad: 3 workouts of 11.6 km (7,2 ml), 11.6 km (7,2 ml) and a hilly 10.8 km (6.7 ml) plus 2 "raids" by mountain bike of 20 km (12,4 ml). All of them easy and without pain: crossing my fingers. However I need a new bike, this one is old and heavy.
Rugby. The happiness for the easy workouts was confirmed because the historic triumph against Scotland at Murrayfield on Saturday. The first 6 nations italian victory away from home: Scotland - Italy: 17 -37!!!!!

The Battlefield. On march 11st the evil enemy will be in Ladispoli to conquer the city during a 10k. They don't know that the Black Knight is waiting for defeating the coward legions. After many troubles and 3 and half months far from the races the goal is a final time around 47 minutes. I know it is a little slow but I didn't make anymore speed works and long distance runs.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Post n° 100!!!!

This is the 100° post of the Black Knight and all the Legions are free to celebrate in the most appropriated way.
Rugby. The Black Knight and his son got home last night from England where they could see a good match. Italy was defeated but with honour. True: the tv before the match, during the anthems, showed Prince Henry and after the Black Knight!!!! Really! I received many phone calls because the subjects recognized their fearless leader! However the Black Knight is angry and he doesn't understand why he was second!!!
Running. The Black Knight was guest in a hotel near Tottenham Court Road so he made 2 raids of 1 hour in the centre of London, running through the famous Oxford Street, Carnaby Street, Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square, near the Big Ben and the House of Parliament and along the River Thames. This time he weared the blue armour of the Italian Navy running team. I don't know if the knee hurts because, for the moment, I run and bike for no more than 60 minutes.

Friday, February 02, 2007

The new strategy

It's hard to run without a goal, but this is the situation of the moment because of the pain into the knee. The program goes on: to alternate running and cycling with one day off every week. However I think that I can focus the training for some 10k, it depends by the next tests on the speed sessions.
In this picture the press conference where the Black Knight announces his strategy on the 10k:
Here the Black Knight talks about the tactics to defend the city by the enemy attacks:
In the photo link there are some pictures of the Florence Marathon.