Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Ultimate Post

I have thought a lot before writing this post. I had to decide if this could be the last or not. I took all the time to reflect because my life has become very hectic: new responsabilities at work keep me very busy.
You can have an idea on
Here is a presentation of mine:
It is a pleasure to keep in touch with the blogger friends writing posts, comments and exchanging e-mails. It is important for me your kind support, friendship and humour. Moreover in the future I will have the honour to run with some of you somewhere in Italy.
For these reasons I prefer not to have a very long break but meanwhile I cannot often post/comment so I will update monthly the news (the 1st or the 2nd day) and I will comment your blog as I can.
See you on the battlefields. The Black Knight doesn’t surrender.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Defeat

After 3 and half months the Black Knight came back to the battlefield to make a test after the post-marathon problems.
Because of the bursitis into his right knee he could not anymore follow a schedule with long distance runs and the recent flu completed the bad period. Not to get out of shape he bought a new Bottecchia bike (the big one) to alternate run and cycling.
So in a windy and unusual cold morning he was ready at the start of the Ladispoli 10km escorted only by the injuried Long Joe (his final time 54.57). The race is easy, almost flat, with many hairpinn bends and part through the country.
The Black Knight didn’t succeed in fighting because his legs were not reactive after all this time far from the battlefields. For this reason he decided to run all the race with a regular pace without caring of the other runners.
The final time was 47’05” (4’42”/km – 7’34” ml).
471° of 888 and 54° of 111 in the age group (MM 50).
The split km per km: 4.28 – 4.36 – 4.45 – 4.48 – 4.34 – 4.48 – 4.50 – 4.46 – 4.44 – 4.45.