Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Ultimate Post

I have thought a lot before writing this post. I had to decide if this could be the last or not. I took all the time to reflect because my life has become very hectic: new responsabilities at work keep me very busy.
You can have an idea on
Here is a presentation of mine:
It is a pleasure to keep in touch with the blogger friends writing posts, comments and exchanging e-mails. It is important for me your kind support, friendship and humour. Moreover in the future I will have the honour to run with some of you somewhere in Italy.
For these reasons I prefer not to have a very long break but meanwhile I cannot often post/comment so I will update monthly the news (the 1st or the 2nd day) and I will comment your blog as I can.
See you on the battlefields. The Black Knight doesn’t surrender.


  1. Any time is better than no time from you. Look forward to your news whenever you can.

  2. aw... i'll be looking forward to those posts.

    you need to be prepared for all battles. not just on the road, but in the office, too. and you must allow enough time for the queen and your little feline kings.

  3. I will still check for your blog posts. Your conquests are very enjoyable reading.

  4. I see it more as the Black Knight off to conquer more ports. Good luck - I hope work is manageable and you still find time to run. All the best.

  5. Yes, blogging can be very time consuming at times. I'm glad you didn't decide to give it up completely--you have a great blog and I enjoy reading about your running conquests.

  6. Yes, life becomes busy,I wish days could be longer!

    Hope you can write from time to time, BN adventures!

    I had to move, now you can find me at

  7. We love to hear from you whenever you have time. Keep up the fight!

  8. Glad you are not leaving blogworld altogether, count me in on one of those that will be checking in on your from time to time.

  9. Black Knight, we'll watch for you.

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  11. Hope you will have time to blog occasionally. I hear CJ is coming for a visit. YOu will be pleased to know that she conquered very well the Canberra marathon on Sunday. I conquered the 10km and my husband ran a brilliant marathon too. Your army is advancing :)

  12. For some strange reason your blog fell off my bloglines! No wonder it's been so long.

    It sounds like you need a rest from running and blogging but we will be here when you are ready to come back!

    I hope all is well with you.