Wednesday, May 02, 2007

April 2007

(The group before the race)
The month of april was not so good. After a good period of training without problems into the knee, perhaps the bursitis is over (crossing the fingers), the Black Knight escorted by Sir Giorgio and Long Joe marched to the battlefield proud of his Army.
The race was the Vivicittà, a 12 km (7,45 ml) run at the same time in many cities all over the world and the battle plan was not very ambitious: to finish in 56 minutes, that is to say 14 minutes every lap where we have to "defeat" 4 incredible uphills.
The Black Knight and Sir Giorgio were very regular and finished shoulder to shoulder in 55.48 (4’39”/km – 7’29”/ml) but, what a surprise, the final score was a delusion: 113° of 162 and 14 of 21 in the age group (Sir Giorgio 24 of 33). It means that 4’39/km, in this city, is a very slow pace.
The day after the Black Knight felt very bad and spent 7 days in the bed for a terrible flu, moreover he had to rest other 7 days to recover.
The mileage of april was only 116 km (72 ml).
Happy running!!!!!!