Saturday, June 30, 2007


Training: Another difficult month with many problems. I could not follow any program and the workouts were only an improvisation of the moment: no tempo runs, no speed-works, no long sessions, no races. The monthly mileage was a poor 136.2 km. (84.6 ml). In the first 6 months I ran 760,6 km. (472.4 ml); last year, in the same period, 1341.1 km. (833 ml.)! That is to say only the 56,7%!!!!!
The future: Rumours said that the Black Knight would have not fought anymore and many

(the Black Knight announces that he is back!)

barbarians tribes marched to the borders of the Black Knight Kingdom. What a bloody mistake!

(the B.K. - 1st from right - during the press conference about his participation to the marathon)

From all over the world the Black Knight legions are coming to help the fearless leader: lady Dori came with her invincible slave Dave (thanks Dori for your kind and nice post!). In 2 weeks will come lady CJ escorted by other 3 terrible Black Knights.

(the Bolsena castle)

Moreover the italian legion, on July 7th, will enter the Bolsena 10 km. night run to frighten again all the stupid enemies who thought to piss off the Black Knight. This is the last picture of a beautiful castle, the next will only show ruins! They don't succeed in learning the lesson. By the way the Black Knight signed up for the next Florence Marathon on Nov. 25.

Have a wonderful summer full of victories!!! (from left: Dave, Dori, Daniela, Stefano)

Next update: early August.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

The wedding and the visit

Training: The bursitis is not over but the pain is very low; however not to risk I decided to begin a serious program of cross training: run-bike-run-bike-run-rest and so on. It was a wrong decision because, due to the saddle, I had a very painful prostatic inflammation: other 9 days of stop and a strong cure. At the moment the bike is into the garage and I am finding an anatomic saddle to solve the problem before coming back to ride it.
Last year in the first 5 months I ran 1143 km. (710 ml) and finished 7 races; this year only 624 km. (387,5 ml) and 3 races! A very unlucky 2007 for running.
Race: With only 9 relaxing workouts (max mileage 11.5 km. – 7.1 ml) the Black Knight entered a race of 9.4 km (5,8 ml) in Montalto di Castro inside the electrical farm: a futuristic landscape in the middle of gigantic generators. He was wise and shrewd, he could not waste his reputation of invincible leader of an invincible army, so he disguised himself as an errant knight wearing an anonimous red armour instead of the glorious black one. He didn’t want to force the pace not to risk an injury. The race was a tragedy: 9.4 km. (5.8 ml) in 45’32” (4’50”/km – 7’47”/ml) without smoking any runner! 94° of 114 and 12° of 15 in the age group.

The wedding: But the month of may was wonderful because the Black Knight’s son got married with a blonde princess: both 27 years old. It was a great celebration and all the Black Knight family is happy. For the important event the fearless leader gave freedom to all the prisoners of war!

(Black Knight family)

The visit: The Black Knight and his gracious Queen received the much appreciated visit of Dori and her husband Dave. They are both very kind and nice persons. We spent 2 days together and the Black Knight had the honour to run for 1h and 5 minutes with Lady Dori under a heavy rain: she is a very good runner, fast and tough. Dave escorted the Lady and the Knight riding a war-bike. The scared enemies remained hidden in their refuges.