Sunday, June 03, 2007

The wedding and the visit

Training: The bursitis is not over but the pain is very low; however not to risk I decided to begin a serious program of cross training: run-bike-run-bike-run-rest and so on. It was a wrong decision because, due to the saddle, I had a very painful prostatic inflammation: other 9 days of stop and a strong cure. At the moment the bike is into the garage and I am finding an anatomic saddle to solve the problem before coming back to ride it.
Last year in the first 5 months I ran 1143 km. (710 ml) and finished 7 races; this year only 624 km. (387,5 ml) and 3 races! A very unlucky 2007 for running.
Race: With only 9 relaxing workouts (max mileage 11.5 km. – 7.1 ml) the Black Knight entered a race of 9.4 km (5,8 ml) in Montalto di Castro inside the electrical farm: a futuristic landscape in the middle of gigantic generators. He was wise and shrewd, he could not waste his reputation of invincible leader of an invincible army, so he disguised himself as an errant knight wearing an anonimous red armour instead of the glorious black one. He didn’t want to force the pace not to risk an injury. The race was a tragedy: 9.4 km. (5.8 ml) in 45’32” (4’50”/km – 7’47”/ml) without smoking any runner! 94° of 114 and 12° of 15 in the age group.

The wedding: But the month of may was wonderful because the Black Knight’s son got married with a blonde princess: both 27 years old. It was a great celebration and all the Black Knight family is happy. For the important event the fearless leader gave freedom to all the prisoners of war!

(Black Knight family)

The visit: The Black Knight and his gracious Queen received the much appreciated visit of Dori and her husband Dave. They are both very kind and nice persons. We spent 2 days together and the Black Knight had the honour to run for 1h and 5 minutes with Lady Dori under a heavy rain: she is a very good runner, fast and tough. Dave escorted the Lady and the Knight riding a war-bike. The scared enemies remained hidden in their refuges.


  1. Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Black Prince and Princess! Weddings are lovely.

    I am offcially jealous of Dori and Dave.

    You race was not a tragedy because you were able to run it in spite of having a year of injuries. All Hail the Black Knight!

  2. That was a fairly swift race time considering the injuries, BK. You are modest! Congrats on the recent wedding - you have a beautiful family!

  3. your sons wife is gorgeous! What an exciting event!

    As for the running maybe this is just a recovery year and the Black Knight will come back stronger for it in 2008!

  4. How beautiful your family is! Congrats on such a wonderful occasion.

    I have faith in our Black Knight that the next six months will bring him back in full repair!!

  5. I am glad you took care of your visitors Dori and her escort. It is not wise to do otherwise, even Americans can make trouble if you neglect this. She is from the part of our country where they have remained liberal and concerned about others, much as the country is now moving to again after many years. So she is important.

    Sorry about your bursitis. Is that the same as tendonitis? Very aggravating. Can still run, but not do well. Enemies still hide, but they watch closely and perhaps get emboldened.

  6. Congratulations to the BK family. Sorry to hear you are still not able to run as you would like. I wish you a swift recovery and no more bike problems!

  7. Congratulations to everyone in the family. Hope you feel better soon. Otherwise how are the Azzuri going to win the Five Nations next year?

  8. Wow congrats on the wedding. They are fun watching our children go off.

    Don't worry about the race, you will be back to it when your recovered, healed and began to train again.

  9. Congratulations on your son's wedding.

    And the race seems like a success to me. I would love to run at that pace right now. Maybe soon...

  10. congratulations! and hey hey hey!!! did you look at the queen in that dress?!?! i think the black knight has a gorgeous distraction at home. t he bride was beautiful, but the queen was not to be outdone.

    lucky knight!

    and about montalto di castro... it's best that you observe from 12/15. you're just watching as you heal. plotting. planning.

    i am not worried.

  11. You will be back conquering soon. Congratulations on the wedding as well. I imagine it was a very exciting time for your family.

  12. Congratulations on the wedding. Beautiful pics and beautiful family. Even with the running on hold, still must be good to be the Black Knight!

  13. Congratulations on your wedding celebrations!I hope your son has a happy marriage!

    Also i hope your injury improves soon.

    I have a friend in Venice doing the half marathon,it would have been a small world if you were there too!

    Il Primo Assasino

  14. congratulations! what a beautiful family you have and now you have a beautiful princess!

    i am very jealous of Dave and Dori, too!

    Hope your recovery goes well.

  15. Hooray! Now the heir of the Black Night will have heirs, and the Black Night family will be greater and even more glorious!