Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Aussie legion and the rising

The rising: At last a good month with a reasonable mileage (190 km /118 ml) and a couple of tempo runs, despite 5 days of stop in a row due to the trip through Tuscany and Umbria. On July 7th the Black Knight and Sir Giorgio entered the Bolsena 10k night run. They didn’t know the path and it was a real surprise because of an impossible uphill and a more impossible downhill with part of the race trough the narrow streets of the town. For this reason we only met “top runners”. The score was terrible: the Black Knight 48’51” (4’53”/km – 7' 51"/ml) and 169° of 216 (21° of 28 in the age group); Sir Giorgio 167° (27° of 29 in the age group) and 2 seconds less.
Indeed the time was not so bad because every runner finished with a time 3 minutes higher than the usual with many complaints for the difficult path and the organization, for example: postponed departure, only one person to distribute the water during the race and no more drinks at the the end.

(Passignano on the Trasimeno lake)

(The Black Knight plans new battle strategies)

(Isle Maggiore on the Trasimeno Lake)

The Aussie Legion: The Black Knight and Sir Giorgio received the much appreciated visit of strewth, CJ and their husbands. Unfortunately they could only stay few hours but we had the time to enjoy a dinner all together in a typical italian restaurant on the hills. I hope that the next time we will have the chance to run through the Black Knight’s kingdom: the plotter subjectsmust not forget the might of the international Black Knight Army.


  1. Only one person to distribute water at the race and no drinks at the end?!? This sounds like an attempted ambush. I'm glad to see you survived and even came out stronger than before. And I'm glad to see you had a good month running. :)

  2. That 10K sounds like a nightmare, not a night run. No water!!?? That's just no good.

    The visit sounds like fun, though and I'm glad you running again. When is the next conquest of the Black Knight Army?

  3. Impossible? Nothing is impossible for the Black Knight!

    I think they put that uphill and downhill and only a few drinks in the course to piss you off.

  4. The Aussie legion will definitely return to run in Black Knight's kingdom before too long has passed. Those photos bring back great memories of a lovely evening. We will be back!! The might of the international Black Knight's Army must be demonstrated!

  5. That sounds like a terrible race director or one who just doesn't know what they are doing.

    Still given the conditions it was a great effort and time.

  6. A good month of running indeed. Glad to hear it. Hopefully the next race will turn out victorious.

  7. Hey, you are alive and running very well too! Cool.

    hopefully next year, the race will fare so much better.

  8. It is good that the BK is back to conducting night forays throughout the realm. Welcome back.

    That was a great homage the Lady Jeanne paid to the BK. Even better when the minstrels set it to music. It is worthy.

    Next week I go to the Washington jousting grounds known as RFK to see the great knight errant David Beckham from the old territories come to test the strength of the home garrison. The entire populace will turn out to witness this test of strength. Some have whispered that the warrior is too old to conduct such a trial though, and others have said he has a minor ankle wound suffered in June that has ulcerated and he might not present himself on the field. It is troublesome to know whether to auction off the warrants to attend on Craig's List or to be present to observe the dazzling skills, if so they be, of the intruder and the proficiency of the local guard in parrying them.

  9. you were kind to release the aussie maidens and their chaste male guardians. we would have missed them too much.

    really, they're just too cute. i have tried several times to keep cj, but mark said she'd want more than a dog bed.

  10. i wish i could visit the black knight and perhaps one day it will be my turn

    congratulations on the return of some good distance for the month ... the enemies are nervous

  11. That is such a sad situation to encounter during a hot race. What is wrong with these people?!

    I'm glad you are back!

  12. Bravo Cav. Nero your grace to the Aussie legion is noted and will be repaid at a later date!

    Forza Il Legione!