Wednesday, August 22, 2007


(The B.K. and the Queen on the camels in the Sahara desert)
(At the edge of the Etna mountain in Sicily)
(What does it mean?)
Training: august began very well with good trainings. Despite the hot weather I also succeeded in running 2 long (18 km. – 11.2 ml) and 2 speed sessions (10 k). Everything went well waiting for the start of the Florence marathon program by sept. 3rd but I was not lucky because during my vacation on the cruise ship Costa Victoria, I felt bad before with a sore throat and after with a bronchitis. The day of the landing I had temperature, cough, ulcers on the tongue and pain everywhere. Now I am at home sick and I don’t know when I will be able to run again.

The cruise: The port of calls were Catania, Tunis, Gabes, Tripoli and Malta. On the ships there are 2 jogging tracks and 3 treadmills; the best is on the 6th deck, mainly in the shadow, 450 metres long (0.28 ml). The first day I ran 10 km on that track in 50 minutes, it is not possible to run faster because there is no moquette and the floor is always partially wet. That was my last workout before my illness. Here are some pictures of the trip.