Monday, September 17, 2007

The Ambush

THE TRAINING: The second week of training for the Florence Marathon has gone. I feel again the long workouts as a tough challenge but I got an advice from RW: during the long distance runs, have a short break walking for a while.
Last Saturday I did it for a total of 2 minutes after 22 km. (13.6 ml) but I stopped the Garmin to run the whole programmed 25 km (15.5 ml).
THE RACE: The day after, despite the tiredness, I entered a race only to escort my son Paolo at his first official event as “professional runner” in an official competitive event. The race, here in our city, was a nightmare. The enemy chose a battlefield full of steep uphill (see the diagram) to better escape.

There were many tricks to deceive the glorious Black Knight Army enforced also by Sir Giorgio: the water was in the opposite road, too often the cars were allowed to pass and there were no marks to indicate the 8.1 km (5.03 ml). From left: Paolo, the Black Knight and Sir Giorgio.

The final ambush was very bloody and unfair: for an unbelievable lucky case the Black Knight arrived 5th in his age group (50-55 y.o.) but a coward unknown enemy stole his prize! He didn’t care to compete because his only goal was to help the son running shoulder to shoulder.
Paolo finished a good first official race even if he began a little slowly despite my advice. His final time was 42.49, not so bad considering the difficult path and the first experience. He was the last in his age group (25-30 y.o.) but the other 8 arrived in the first pack of 15 runners.
THE NEW ENTRY: The Black Knight Army is always stronger and numerous. A new brave warrior joined the Army: Sir scott keeps running will be our weatherman.
Happy running and enjoy the Rugby World Cup!!!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

The marathon

The Marathon. The time has come and now the training must become serious without any break. This is the program to run again the Florence Marathon under the 4 hours and, if possible, a little bit faster than the last year when I finished in 3.46.32.
In the schedule I didn't include the speed-works because they are pointless for my goal. In this period, before the marathon, I will only enter 2 half marathons: Montalto (oct. 7) and Civitavecchia (nov. 11).
The battle will be hard and bloody, the enemy Army is strong of 8000 soldiers from all over the world. The Black Knight is calling his knights and amazons for a little help to destroy the garrison of Florence: who will come to defend the Black Army honour? The italian legion will not be present because they must watch over our borders while their fearless leader fights for the glory. Rumors say that the women of Florence are preparing white flags to surrender as soon as possible.
The training. August was not a good month for the training because of the bronchitis. I could run only 139 km. (86,3 ml). I hope in a better september.
Surfing the web. After one year, surfing the web, I have found a pictures of the 12k in Tarquinia. Here you can see the Black Knight, hidden inside a red armour, running the last metres.
Happy running!!!!