Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Surgery

Thank you my dear friends for all the e-mails and the posts of support that I received after my incident.
As you know last monday I got home after 13 days in the hospital to rebuild my thigh bone broken in 2 parts with pieces everywhere. The surgery was difficult and 3 hours long, after it I had many complications: temperature, anaemia (I needed 5 transfusions), colitis and an inflammation of the bladder for the catheter.
How happened? I was coming back from work and, as usual, I was parking my scooter before taking the keys to enter the garage but..... I made a mistake, I didn’t block it very well and it fell on me. Because of the fall and the weight of the scooter I got the fractures. The pain was terrible, ferociuos, unbealivable.
Now I am home weak and with pain everywhere. I must use crutches to “learn” to walk but, until the end of october, without pushing on the injuried leg.
Now I am too tired to post and comment, so I will be far from Blogland for a while, but as soon as possible I come back, because I want to keep in touch with all of you.
Thank you again my dear friends. See you soon.......and I will run again. The Black Knight doesn’t surrender.