Monday, November 05, 2007


In the long run the Black Knight succeeds in walking faster by the crutches and in bending the knee. He can drive and go out alone.
Unfortunately last Monday, at the first monthly check, the orthopaedic surgeon said that the leg improves but the fractures are “very ugly” (see the picture) and for this reason I must use for another month both the crutches. However, to help to rebuild the weak muscles of my left leg, I swim 45 minutes every other day and this is a good news because I suffer to live a sedentary life.
When will I be able to run? At the moment it is also difficult to say when I can walk, the leg is full of “hardware” that I will have to remove the next year by another surgery.
In this difficult moment, the enemy is at the borders trying to attack the Black Kingdom with the awareness that the fearless leader is injuried. But the proud coward army doesn’t know that the international Black Knight Army is always stronger, angry and ready to fight everywhere.
Now another brave Knight strenghtens the group, he is Sir Peter our outpost sentry!